Disneyland 1991

Found these scanned pics of my first time at THE Disneyland in Anaheim back in 1991, when I was 5 years old. Of course, I don't really remember anything - except meeting those who are in the pictures, riding the Dumbo ride, buying a baby mickey mouse stuff toy, going there with my ates and... Continue Reading →

The ABC’s of USA

..of what i love during our trip ..of what i'll miss ..of what i'll never forget it's been 5 days since i arrived from my vacation. from that days, i was able to collect things that will make me remember my trip. there's so many that i thought of putting it in ABC's. so here... Continue Reading →

last USA post. =p

hay. 4 am na. di pa din ako natutulog... or should i say ngayon pa lang ako matutulog. nilubos lubos ko na ata eh. hindi na kasi ako makaka-net tomorrow eh. nag upload ako ng nag upload ng pictures. ewan ko kung gaano karami yun. pero hindi ko pa nilabas dito. hindi pa kasi complete... Continue Reading →

masaya na sana, bigla ako nalungkot

grabe feeling ko nakadikit na yung butt ko sa chair na kinauupuan ko ngayon. grabe na ito, halos magdamag na ako nag internet. sobrah na! 3 am na nga ako natulog kaninang madaling araw eh. tapos 7 hours lang ako natulog. alas diyes ng umaga gising na ako. ibang klase na ito. haha.pero masaya ako... Continue Reading →

countdown na!

now i'm back in Orange. We will stay here for a few days before we leave for our flight home.countdown: 4 days before our flight back to pinas. woohooo!!!! excited na ako. kahit na hindi ako makakapagpahinga paguwi ko kasi mag unpack ako ng things ko tapos may class pa ako. kayanin ko kaya? hahaha.yeah,... Continue Reading →

last USA Exit

hey! i'm in San Diego now. we've been staying here at Tito Sonny and Tita Ellen's house in Chula Vista for four days now. hmmm.. what did we do? We went to eat a Japanese restaurant that afternoon, basically had lunch at 4 pm. We went to the outlet in San Ysidro after. Coolness, because,... Continue Reading →

Stanford + Cheesecake Factory

Tita Pearl picked us up early today. We went to her house in Fremont, Palo Alto. We ate lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory, scrumptious as it is, the pasta i ate, i wasn't able to finish it because of its very big serving. We went to her work in Stanford University Medical Center. Very... Continue Reading →

sea shells, sea shells by the sea shore

We went to Monterey today. Another long and tiring drive. We went to Monterey Bay Aquarium. Jellyfishes, starfishes, blue marlins, Dori, Nemo, dolphins, sharks, uhm ano pa ba? basta favorite ko dun yung penguin- lalo na yung nanginginig at yung sea otters na kain ng kain. aww. they're┬áso cute!\ Had lunch at 17-mile Drive, first... Continue Reading →

three-day vacation @ fairfield

The sick me have to wake up so early last monday 'cause one of my dad's friend, tito leo picked us up. We ate at San Bruno Ihaw-Ihaw at San Mateo then went to San Francisco Downtown. yeah, again. But, this time we get to walk to the streets of San Francisco and feel the... Continue Reading →

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