last USA Exit

hey! i’m in San Diego now. we’ve been staying here at Tito Sonny and Tita Ellen’s house in Chula Vista for four days now. hmmm.. what did we do? We went to eat a Japanese restaurant that afternoon, basically had lunch at 4 pm. We went to the outlet in San Ysidro after. Coolness, because, we were right beside Mexico. Yeah, i’m sooooo close to Mexico that time. Got to see a glance of Mexico. dumaan pa kami sa last USA exit. haha. We went to Navy Exchange Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we went to Target a while ago. I was paying for the two dolls my mom bought and the Spongebob band aid i bought. Kulang ako ng $2 so i went outside to get more money. then, The guy in the cashier said its all fine and he gave me a pack of gum. smooth move dude. haha.. ganun ba pang catch niya ng girl? haha pero infairness he is gwapo din. did i mention that my cousin Reina works at target. that target. hahaha. sayang hindi ko siya nakilala. sayang aalis na ko. wahahaha. we’re going to my tita Malen’s house tonight.


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