KDrama: Hi Bye, Mama!

Hi Bye, Mama! is a 2020 South Korean television series shown in tvN and Netflix. Cha Yu-ri (Kim Tae-hee) has been a ghost since she died, while pregnant in a tragic accident five years ago. She left her husband, Jo Gang-hwa (Lee Kyu-hyung) and their daughter, Seo Woo (Seo Woo-Jin). Well, as for Yu-Ri, who... Continue Reading →

KDrama: Go Back Couple

This KDrama is really powerful. It tells the story of how a couple's marriage fell apart (divorce!) and how they came to realize that they were really meant for each other. It shows the reality of some marriages that we can easily relate to. Here's my take away from watching Go Back. As someone who... Continue Reading →

Netflix Original: The Let Down

So, I started watching the Netflix Series, The Let Down - it starts with Audrey, a new mom of a few months old baby, still hasn't adjusted to her new life I suppose, breastfeeding, looks like on the brink of having PPD, a stay-at-home mom,, husband is working, and certainly, she is having a hard... Continue Reading →

KDrama: Operation: Proposal

What if one day you will be given a chance to re-write your life, to change what has already happened, to re-create an action to eliminate the mistake you once did.. would you? I recently finished the Korean Drama, Operation: Proposal. It is about two childhood friends - Baek Ho and Yi Seul. They met... Continue Reading →

It’s Showtime Experience!

Around a decade ago, I was always in ABS-CBN. Either I'm with Kuya (Carlo Aquino) or Rox (Roxanne Guinoo). I walk around the halls of the studios, the area between the Talent Center Building and the cafeteria or The Dolphy Theater. Hanging out at the Gram's Diner for hours and hours. It's been a long... Continue Reading →

Kapamilya Gold: The Better Half

The full trailer came out Wednesday night, especially with the very last scene, Shaina's line, "Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I'm having an affair with my husband." it immediately created a buzz in all social media platforms that night. Gagampanan naman ng apat sa pinakamagagaling na Kapamilya actors at actresses na sina Carlo... Continue Reading →

USTV: Gilmore Girls

When Gilmore Girls first aired, I wasn't into US TV series yet. It was my college friend, Ces' favorite and she introduced the show to me. But I wasn't too keen on watching it because I was too hooked with One Tree Hill. Ten years after, I found myself watching the series (all 7 seasons... Continue Reading →

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