DIY your Own Cookies from SugarMonstersPH

Since we couldn't go out, we have no summer vacations, attend events with our friends and even attend summer workshops, I had to do something to make this summer during the #LifeInTimeOfCorona more fun and productive. I thought of activities that Coco would unleash his creativity and enjoy and of course,  I am all for... Continue Reading →

Spread the Rainbow | LoveInTheTimeOfCorona

In New York, moms started posting rainbows in their windows from their homes. It is said to spread hope to their neighbors and feel connected with humanity as we fight Covid19 together. I also remembered Noah's Ark - they were in a huge ark for 40 days and 40 nights as it continues to rain and it is flooded everywhere. They prayed... Continue Reading →

COCOisChOOL: Letter of the Week – A

I've been contemplating with the idea of homeschooling for a few months now. Coco knows all the colors, letters, shapes, numbers, fruits and veggies, animals and transportation, etc. So, I think it would be better if we start to have a little formal but fun way of learning by now. We started to do the... Continue Reading →

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