Education During the #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona and Online Distance Learning Preparations

One of the biggest impact that the Covid19 pandemic brought to not only to the Philippines, but the whole world is the forced closure of schools and universities, which results to a halt in our children’s education. If you still remember, classes were suspended from March 10 to 14, 2020 and since then most students weren’t able to come back when the Enhance Community Quarantine took effect on March 15. It was supposedly Coco’s examinations week then. They weren’t even able to say good bye to their classmates. Those schools that follows the June opening of classes suspended the rest of the school year. While those schools that follows the July/August opening of classes were able to work fast to be able to provide ways to continue their school year by doing online classes.

Our children has been on summer and forced vacation for the last XX days as of this posting. They haven’t come out of their houses (for those who really follow the protocols) for that long as well. They did nothing but play all day, watch TV all day, gadgets all day, some craft and fun learning activities on the side, zoom calls, online sessions and what not.

But lot of us are still thinking of our children’s education too. Will they not have to go to school this year? If not, how will they continue their education? As much as I am scared with Covid19, I also think our children still have to study. Despite of the fact that a lot of people doesn’t agree with DepEd’s decision of opening of classes, for me I think it is for the best. There are a lot of ways for our children to continue their education, like online schooling, blended learning (both online and modular), modular or even home school. It is up to you to decide what is best for you and your child.

Prior to the suspension of classes, we were already planning on moving Coco to different school. But I am not at ease with that supposed school’s plans. So I kept on reading about how to go about this on Facebook groups, research and watch live orientations. Being a work from home mom, I think I can and will be able to teach Coco.

And where we ended, rather where we will begin a new chapter (for now!) is another story to tell, just thinking of and finding courage to tell you all about it.
JUST A TIP: For those who is doing blended learning like ours, PARENTS, I plead please teach your child to MUTE the mic and to NOT interrupt if the teacher is talking. Please also teach them to not press anything or remove the presentation of their teacher. Prepare a learning space for the child that is quiet and where he will not get distracted. Begin your day with a breakfast and a good bath. Make a routine so that they will be accustomed again to going to school, even if it is just at home. Sleep early. Make sure your child have everything beside him as he starts his class. And lastly, don’t teach your child but help them understand.

Things That I prepared:

Lifetime table and Stool
I bought this 39 x 19 x 29 inches table in ACE Hardware, around Php2,000. I chose this table because of its sturdiness and durability. It is best for a temporary set up, since we only have a small place and I may store it once in a while. It has an easy to fold legs, so it will be easy for me to store it. It is a bit high for Coco, because the size that I got, which is the perfect size for our set up,  isn’t the one that has adjustable legs. Good thing I remembered that be have nice long legged stool at my mom’s so I got it for Coco to use. Coco put one of his pillows in its backrest, as well. The table is available in SHOPEE too (Buy here)

Locaupin Trolley, full of school supplies
I bought our white 3-tier trolley via their Shopee shop. It was on sale for around Php1,000 that time. It is kind of a thing now that everyone will be having their lessons at home. So I got this for the school supplies, so that I don’t have to drag every thing from his room to our home school set up and every thing is just in one place and the fact that we don’t have a lot of shelves here. All school supplies were already on hand that we collected over the years. I got the 3 narrow baskets (Php450) on top at this Shopee account, while the Chevyll hanging buckets (Php357) at this Shopee account. TIP!!! When you buy the baskets and buckets, try looking for it from different accounts compute the total with shipping fee. If you noticed, I got them all from different accounts. Why? It is cheaper when I added them all. 

I just recently bought 12-colors set white board markers, white board erasers and a rim of bond paper from B&e School & Office Supplies Shopee shop. The rim of bond paper costs Php210, 12-colors set white board markers is Php95 or Php8 each and the mini white board eraser at Php12 each.


I got one for myself because my old hand me down laptop might give up on me very soon. It’s an Asus Vivobook X412F that I bought in Abenson. I only got a new one because I will also be using it for my work at home responsibilities.

I got an HP Deskjet 2620. I love its white color. It is very easy to use, especially with the wifi connect print. The thing with this, its ink is kind of hard to find, but it is more economical than the regular ink size. You can buy it here in Shopee.

White board
I got the white board because I think it will help me and Coco when we do exercises for his classes. I got this Acura Whiteboard Magnetic with Aluminum Frame (24 in x 24 in) for only Php500 at Binondo Supplies Shopee shop.

Though I think it is better for Coco not to use headphones, so that I can also hear what the teacher is talking about, I still thought of getting him one, which is also part of my birthday gift for him. I got this Spider man headphone via Amazon for him to enjoy his sound tripping as well. But if while having classes, and audio is low, I will just connect his speakers that my sister gave him last Christmas.

Coco has had his Sunnies Specs Kids (Otto style) for a while now. But since he was restricted of screen time for a long time. I just kept it. But this is what I use to protect his eyes. Sunnies Specs Kids has pre-made frames with anti-radiation screen safe lenses that are sold for only P1,999. Thank you again Sunnies and our dear friend, Dear Danielle for sending this over to us.

Phone/Tablet Stand
So since I know he will be receiving a tablet from the City of Pasig, I also got him a stand so that it would be more comfortable for him to use it. I got it for only P98 plus shipping fee via shopee account.

Are we really ready? I feel that we aren’t that ready. But I am pretty sure we will do our best to finish this school year with flying colors and make sure all that I prepared for physically and emotionally – for  Coco and I will be worth it.
How about you, how did you prepare your child for this school year? Did you still enroll your child to their current school, or did you choose a different path like us? Care to share with me?

PS. We can do this mommas, kids, and teachers! Fighting! Aja!



  1. Thank you po mommy sa pagshare ng tips kung paano mag prepare at saan makakabili ng mga murang supplies para sa gagamitin sa online class.. laking tulong po nito sa mga nanay na tulad namin na naghahanda rin po. 🖒


    • Mukhang mahirap nga talaga ang online class na tinatahak ng mga kids natin daming proseso pero kailangan gawin upang kahit nasa bahay sila may learning padin na natututunan kaya salamat sa tips momsh


  2. One thing I am proud of being a mom is our resourcefulness and creativity when it comes to motivating and encouraging our kids to study regardless of those hindrances brought by this pandemic. Kudos! I am sure, your kid will be happy to attend his onliine classes will all those study tools that you prepared for him.


  3. Distance learning is indeed a challenge, especially when kids used to waking up in the morning and going to school with their friends. This online learning won’t be a problem if the kid never experienced a normal type of schooling.
    I also both similar ASUA Vivobook for my sister, to continue her schooling at home.


    • This pandemic, I’ve always thought of the students. Unlike us adults, we can easily adapt to work from home set up. Kids are fragile when it comes to learning so they really should be given guidance. That’s why I salute parents like you who invest much time and effort to provide a conducive learning for your kids. I love the materials you bought too. 🙂


  4. Salute to you, mommy, for bracing this together with Coco! I’m sure he’ll ace the school year, especially with your continuous guidance. Good luck!


  5. I am in-love with this set-up!! You guys really thought of every detail coco might need for his online schooling. I agree with all of your tips as it also applies for work from home. We really need to invest on these stuff since we’ll be using them everyday anyway.


  6. We’ve been alternative learners for over 15 years now, so to be honest, we’re not so much affected by the current school setup since our approach is totally off the traditional one. But we are not happy about the kids not being able to go outdoors because much of their learning happens elsewhere.

    Anyway, we love ASUS! My kids use an ASUS but it’s been dependable for so long, even with minor problems through the years (it’s been with us for 7 years). Nauna pa nga namatay ang Dell ko which I got 3 years later na namatay even before it hit 2 years, oha!


  7. Hi, Margaux! Good luck with homeschooling Coco! Grabe noh, ang challenging talaga for sure especially sa mga kids. They might think it’s just an extended summer vacation, pero ang laki ng pwede maging impact sa education nila if not guided properly. I like what you said about don’t teach your child but help them understand. Couldn’t agree more! Anyway, I’m sure you and Coco can do it!


  8. The Locaupin Trolley looks amazing! I think that it is really such a great tool in order to organize not only your child’s school needs but also your work needs. I would surely ask my mom t buy me one, too! Lol!


  9. I love the entire feels of Coco’s learning area. It’s so neat and I’m sure he can take his classes properly kasi halos kumpleto pa ng gamit. He’s lucky to have you as a mom kasi you get to prepare stuff for his online classes. This is very helpful to moms na hindi alam where to start preparing but being with the kids and be able to guide them is truly beyond amazing. Goodluck with homeschooling Coco 🙂


  10. I’m on the same stance with you on the headphones. What we use at home is the bluetooth speaker setup, and they’re using rokpod which is perfect for a kid’s hand if they need to get near the mic. 😀


  11. I am glad that you had the time to prepare and help Coco for his online class. Hoping that he’ll eventually adjust and enjoy studying at home. More power mami!!


  12. I am glad that you had the time to prepare and help Coco for his online class. Hoping that he’ll eventually adjust and enjoy studying at home. More power mami!!


  13. Thank you for sharing all the tips here Madam Margaux! Coco is very lucky that he has all the support he deserve to have. All these essentials for this new normal schooling setup. You’re the best mom! ❤ We also have the same laptop brand, and my brother is using it as well now for his online classes.


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