Battling viral infections like COVID-19: The micronutrients you need to support your immune system

The world as we know it has changed due to the sudden onslaught of a viral infection, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing economies to a standstill and keeping us in our homes for an unprecedented period. This new reality we are facing has made us more conscious of our habits, and it is crucial now more than ever to be diligent with proactive efforts on health and safety.

Diseases and viral infections may not always discriminate on who it will infect. Several public health practices to help reduce the spread of infection are important to follow. Supporting the immune system with adequate nutrition is another important and a parallel way to help reduce the risk and impact of virus infections.

In an effort to further inform the public of the benefits of nutrients, an independent review was made on the global scientific evidence regarding the roles of nutrients in support of immune response, including response against viral infections. The study was composed of a panel of experts, invited by Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer, Ph.D, Professor for Healthy Ageing at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands. He is active as a member of the Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and has authored numerous publications in the fields of vitamins, innovation in nutritional ingredients, reviewer for a variety of journals and associate editor of the “International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition Research”.

The research findings show a strong relation in the role of specific nutrients in supporting immune health in reducing the risk, duration, and severity of viral infections. The supplementation of nutrients on top of a well-balanced diet may help lower the risk of infection, and may play a role in faster recovery.

With restrictions on mobility and physical distancing slowly being eased, here are ways on how you can further support your immune system to fight against the risk of a viral infection.

Key nutrients include Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc, and Omega-3 fatty acid

The expert panel confirms that nutrients work together to support an effective immune system and reduce the risk of viral infections, including respiratory tract infections. These include the vitamins A, C, D, Zinc, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. For optimal results, it is desirable to ensure the intake of adequate amounts to help support the immune system.

Deficiencies or low status in nutrients have the potential to negatively affect the body’s immune function and may therefore decrease resistance to infections. As supported by COVID-19 data, it is the elderly that are especially vulnerable, because they have relatively weaker immune systems, may suffer from comorbidities and nutritional frailty, and therefore often do not have an inadequate intake and uptake of the essential nutrients.

Oranges, fish, and meat to keep the doctors away

While there are ways to naturally consume the necessary nutrients with a healthy and well-balanced diet, nutritional supplements are a convenient and efficient way to assure adequate intake, help eliminate gaps in nutrition, and add support to the immune system.

For a strong immune system, an intake of 200 – 500 mg/day of Vitamin C is recommended for healthy people. This can be achieved by eating three oranges or two kiwi fruits every day or by taking a supplement. Vitamin C requirements change depending on the health status of a person, and an intake of 1 – 2 g per day is helpful for people who are sick.

Vitamin D is also effective in reducing the risk of respiratory tract infections. Studies have shown that an intake of 2000 IU daily is optimal. Fatty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. However, if it is difficult to eat 2-3 portions of fatty fish per week to achieve the recommended amount, a supplement of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) amounting to 250 mg a day would be a good alternative.

Zinc, while not stored in the body, is found in most of the meat we consume. Foods rich in Zinc are crab, beef, pork, and chicken, vegetables such as mushrooms and kale; chickpeas, lentils, and beans are also very good sources of Zinc, with the recommended intake of 8-11 μg a day.

It is good to note that while nutritional supplementation will not necessarily prevent infections or cure the infection, it may help decrease the risk of falling ill, symptoms, and the duration, plus help in facilitating recovery. Therefore, a resilient immune defense is important to help reduce the risk or manage the implications of viral infections.

To learn more about the study, you may refer to the following:

Calder PC, Carr AC, Gombart AF, Eggersdorfer M. Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections. Nutrients. 2020;12(4):1181. Published 2020 Apr 23. doi:10.3390/nu12041181



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KDrama: Life Lessons from Reply 1988

It’s been 4 weeks since I finished watching Reply 1988 and honestly, I can’t seem to move on. I even just finished watching it for the second time at this very moment that I am writing this. It just hit me to the core… so bad!


It felt really nostalgic. It felt like I was also there, I was alive in that moment. Even if I wasn’t and even if I was just 2 years old back then. It feels like their families were mine. Even if it wasn’t. I felt myself in each one of them. I felt everything, most especially their friendship. This Kdrama is all sorts of emotions. Nope, all my emotions exploded. I totally fell in love with Reply 1988 – with Deok Sun, Taek, Sun Woo, Bo Ra, Jung Hwan, Don Ryong, Jung Bong, No eul, Jin Joo and their parents. All of them.Reply1988Epi1-2

Reply 1988 follows the lives of 5 friends and their tightly-knit families who lives in the same block called Ssangmun in Dobbong District, Seoul.ssamundongsquad

It is a nostalgic look back of their life’s most memorable moments and struggles when they were 18 years old.

Read on for everything that I learned and realized…

1. There is no such thing as a perfect parent because along the way they could make mistakes too. They worry about how to raise their children, what to teach them and how to shape them into the person they want them to be too. But what we know is that, all parents will do their best.. nothing but the best for their children.Reply1988Epi1

2. When we lose someone we love, it will always hurt a lot. We will always miss them, every single day of our lives that we don’t have them by our side. The pain, it will never go away, we will just endure it. We will move forward, but we will never forget.Reply1988Epi2

3. Money isn’t everything. Don’t ruin your relationship over money. Not worth it.Reply1988Epi3

4. It is okay to lose sometimes. It’s all part of the game. The most important thing about it is that you learn from it and you’ll do better next time.Reply1988Epi4

5. No matter how old you are, you will always need your mom. No matter how many times they scold you for being so irresponsible, they will always want to be needed.Reply1988Epi5

6. There’s nothing more magical than your first love. But your first heartbreak is something else…Reply1988Epi6

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself… you may think you are not good enough for your the people that you love, but you know, in their eyes, you are more than enough. Before it’s too late, tell the people you love that you love them. Tell it to them so often, before it’s too late.Reply1988Epi7

8. In a world where you can be anything, choose to always be kind. Why? Because you’ll never know what a person has been going through in their life. You might just be the person that can lift their spirits up because of the kindness that you shared.Reply1988Epi8

9. He will not give you anything you will not endure. But you know, sometimes you don’t have to endure it on your own.Reply1988Epi9

10. Running away won’t solve anything. Communication will always be the key.Reply1988Epi10

11. Don’t raise your standards so high on your children. Just let them be themselves. Don’t pressure them into something they are not. Let them be or do something that they are good at. Just trust them with what they can do. They’ll make it. Why? Because it is you who raised them!Reply1988Epi11

12. Moms will give their children everything.. even if they suffer, as long they can. They will do anything for us, because they want nothing but the best for us. It’s just how moms are.Reply1988Epi12

13. Fathers may be tough on the outside, but really, they are really soft in the inside. They endure all the aches because they have to protect the people they love.Reply1988Epi13

14. Everyone is worth of love — to love and be loved.Reply1988Epi14

15. Parents will never give up on their child. They will always love them, no matter what.Reply1988Epi15

16. If you love someone, tell them. Tell them before it is too late. On the other hand, what weighs more to you, friendship or love? It’s up to you to decide.Reply1988Epi16

17. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to be at 19. You have a lifetime to get to know more about yourself. But then again… Don’t forget to dream, you know, you can always find your dream.Reply1988Epi17

18. Fate and timing doesn’t happen by coincidence. It will always be about the choices you will make. It will always be up to you. It will happen if you don’t hesitate and start to do something about it.Reply1988Epi18

19. When things are dark, remember you are not alone. You will always have your family and friends with you by your side.Reply1988Epi19

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Cheese Burger Platter with My CDO Ulam Burger

Don’t just stick to good ole burger on a bun. Satisfy your bellies by being creative with your burger patties! Diba, mas nakakagana if we eat it with rice? If you ask me, cheese burgers are my ultimate fave. So I thought of re-creating a cheese burger to a rice meal. It is soooo easy!

Sharing with you how I made my Cheese Burger Platter.

Ingredients (serves per pax):
2-3 pcs of CDO Ulam Burger
1 cup cooked rice
1 small tomato, diced
1 small red onion, diced
1 small cucumber, diced
1-2 pcs of Danes Cheese Slice
few pieces of lettuce/cabbage, shredded
1/4 cup Ranch Dressing
2 tablespoon catsup

1. Cook the burger patties.
2. Diced and shred vegetables for the salad.
3. Mix ranch dressing and catsup.
4. Put all together in a platter with the rice.

It is simple, quick and easy! Parang literal na naka cheese burger ako sa sarap! How about you, how do you like your CDO Ulam Burger?

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Johnson’s Active Kids Make Play Days More Presko-Bango!

Johnson’s has always been an advocate of play, as I am. In fact, this is my 2nd time participating on their Johnson’s Play Days Campaign, the first one which was in 2018 if I remember it right. They also believe in the power of enjoying and learning through play, as play will always be an integral part of a child’s growth and development.

As an advocate of play, aside from encouraging our children to do active play and be a pro-play parent, parents are also urged to play with their children. Raising a very active boy introduced me to different kinds of rough play. You know how boys are!

I have always encouraged Coco to play pretend and I never hesitated to by him all the toys and costumes he would need to spark his imagination while he takes roles as a chef, grab driver, carpenter, burger resto cook, TV reported, director, singer and yes.. you know it.. his favorite super here, as you can see.
But it doesn’t end with that, even if I am busy with work, I always try my best to play with him, even for a few minutes. It doesn’t just give him the feeling that he will always be my priority but it also brings me to his world and allows me to get to know him more.

And the key to keeping Coco still fresh and clean despite of all day playing inside our home is the Johnson’s Active Kids line – from bath time to freshen up time! The Johnson’s Active Kids range is specially designed to be gentle versus adult products, but effective for toddler needs. It is also 100% gentle, like the ones for babies. It is pH Balanced and tested with pediatricians. And the same as the baby line, it has no added parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes.

Johnson’s Active Kids Clean and Fresh Bath and Johnson’s Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo for bathing that makes him feeling and smelling fresh, even after playing all day.

Johnson’s Active Fresh Baby Powder or any other variant that continuously works to absorb sweat to keep Coco fresh all day long, especially at night before sleeping. He can play all-day and still smell  presko-bango, without smelling maasim!
Since Coco was born, I’ve always used Johnson’s Baby Powder because he was born on a summer, when it is super hot and he is super chubby. I used it on his thighs and arm folds, so that he won’t start to wound.

This came from the Johnson’s Baby PH website:
Is talc safe for my baby’s skin? JOHNSON’S® Baby talc products are made using U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) grade talc to ensure it meets the highest-quality, purity and compliance standards. Our talc is carefully selected, processed and tested to ensure that is asbestos free, as confirmed by regular testing conducted since the 1970s. Our confidence in using talc is based on a long history of safe use and more than 30 years of research by independent researchers, scientific review boards and global regulatory authorities.

Johnson’s Baby Cologne that makes Coco still smells like a baby, even if he is already 7 years old. Here he is using the Slide scent from the Playtime Collection. He still smells so good even if he played under the sun.

Johnson’s Baby has been a part of Coco’s grooming and hygiene since he was a new born and I am so glad to have to still be using them through toddlerhood and literally, as he is now a 7 year old child because of the different product lines they made available for babies and kids of all ages.

Be a part of the Gentle Circle of Care Community, please click the photo below.

Aside from leading super markets nationwide, you can also purchase them in LazMall, please click the photo below.

Here are some of the Johnson’s Active Kids line Playtime Collection. Definitely Laro’y mas masaya, pag lahat PRESKO-BANGO! You can drop by the Johnson’s PH website to read more about its toddler and kid care line.

For more updates Like them on FACEBOOK, Follow them on Instagram or visit

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Weekends Upgraded with My CDO Sweet Ham Salad Dip

Making my #WeekendsUpgraded has been part of my plans for this month, especially that it is my birth month. So I start the weekend as early as NOW, by making a special HAM SALAD DIP using CDO Sweet Ham that we can enjoy while we watch a movie tonight.

Sharing with you this very simple recipe that you can make anytime – Ham Salad Dip

1 250g pack CDO Sweet Ham, cut into tiny squares
1 cup to 1 1/2 cup Mayo (Up to you)
1/8 cup green onion, minced
1/4 cup white onion, minced
2 hard boiled eggs
Dash of garlic powder
Dash of salt
1/2 teaspoon grounded black pepper
1 pack of crackers

1. Prepare ingredients – cut ham into tiny squares, minced green and white onion, and boil egg, chop once cooked.

2. Toss them all together in a bowl.
3. Mix evenly

How about you? How do you make your #WeekendsUpgraded with CDO Sweet Ham?


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Country’s Biggest Creators Unite to Help Medical Frontliners

It has been three months since the COVID-19 crisis upended Filipinos’ lives, unleashing the bayanihan spirit that captures our best side. However, despite everyone’s best efforts to lessen the pain that this pandemic has caused, the work is far from over.

With the continuing rise of positive cases in the country, the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines (CICP) recognizes its pivotal role in dealing with the pandemic by drawing on the collective power of creators and influencers, all of who can draw support for a cause. “We are all influencers in our own way. As influencers, we actually possess the power to get people to support a good cause. There’s no better time to make good use of our influence than this critical juncture when our medical frontliners need our support,” said Jim Guzman, CICP President.

In this light, CICP is organizing #CreatorsUnitedPH, a fundraising effort by the creator and influencer industry for the procurement of DOH-approved, medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our medical frontliners. Currently, a single hospital uses almost 500 PPEs every day. While donated alternative PPEs are helpful, many of these are left unused due to its inability to fully protect the frontliners. To further amplify the initiative, the country’s biggest creators from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are
uniting through a video to bring awareness to their audience. These creators are Erwan Heussaff, Mikey Bustos, Wil Dasovich, Mimiyuuuh, Rei Germar, Rozel Basilio, Ranz and Niana Guerrero, Kimpoy Feliciano, Jako de Leon, Carlo Ople, Hazel Quing, Haidee Quing, Malaya Macaraeg, Alem Garcia, Issa Perez, and Rigel Thomas.

#CreatorsUnitedPH aims to raise Php 1,000,000 to purchase 1,000 pieces of DOH-approved, medical grade PPEs worth P 1,000 each. These PPEs will be coursed through the Department of Health to be distributed to hospitals and medical facilities across the country, including the Philippine General Hospital, Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital, Lung Center of the Philippines, Fe del Mundo Medical Center, San Lazaro Hospital, Tarlac Provincial Hospital, Kainomayan Primary Hospital, General Cailles Memorial District Hospital, Casiguran District Hospital, and Vicente Sotto Medical Center Cebu.

No donation is too small. When we come together, we are able to achieve much, much more. Pooled together, these funds will be of tremendous help to our medical frontliners. We should never underestimate our capacity to do good, because together, we can help make a difference in the ongoing battle against the virus,” said Erwan Heussaff, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of CICP.

You, too, can be an influencer for good. Exercise your power to make good things happen now.

For donations, you can check this photo for more information:

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No more game downtime with vivo V19 Neo’s large-capacity 4500mAh Li-Po battery

V19 Neo charging
Nowadays, with people spending most of their time online, some have become dependent on electronic devices, especially smartphones, to keep them connected with friends and loved ones, and to conveniently pursue and enjoy their lifestyles.

And with different activities—messaging on various platforms, posting on social media, surfing the internet, buying from online stores, listening to music, watching movies and videos, and playing online games—keeping people busy on their smartphones wherever they may be, it would truly be disappointing to get a low battery warning, or the handset going “dead”.

Thankfully, the latest V19 Neo is powered by a 4500mAh lithium-polymer (Li-Po) battery, one of the largest capacities in its price range, to keep vivo’s flagship midrange smartphone running in optimum performance, longer.

With its long-lasting Li-Po power source, the V19 Neo can accommodate Google, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and other heavily used applications that can typically drain a standard battery.

The 4500mAh battery can also smoothly run the V19 Neo’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE octa-core processor with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, making for fast app launches, better navigation and multi-tasking; and enabling users to play their favorite graphics-heavy mobile games for hours.
V19 Neo gaming
The handset is also equipped with AI Turbo, Center Turbo, Game Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo, and ART++ Turbo. These multi-turbo functions offer an elevated and exciting gaming experience especially when playing PUBG Mobile, NBA 2K, Mobile Legends, Fortnite, or other favorite RPGs, shooters, SIMS, puzzle, strategy, racing, sports, and augmented reality games that will keep gamers up all night.

With a battery that powers up hours of game time, the V19 Neo also features an Ultra Game Mode which makes for totally undisturbed playing, blocking messages and alerts, so one can be fully immersed and engaged with the game.

And when the battery is about to be depleted, users can rely on the V19 Neo’s 18W dual-engine fast charging technology to juice up the 4500mAh power source in a flash, so they can quickly get back to winning their game.

Aside from its high-capacity battery and fast-charging technology, quadcore processor, and game modes, vivo’s flagship midrange smartphone also boasts of an Ultra O AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which makes the gaming experience even more thrilling.

The 6.44-inch FHD+ screen brings out the games’ vibrant and authentic colors without causing unnecessary eyestrain. Its low brightness anti-flicker technology also provides added protection for the eyes, especially when playing in low-light and dark conditions.

The V19 Neo is available in Crystal White and Admiral Blue colorways, for only P17,999 at authorized Vivo stores nationwide. To know more about the vivo V19 Neo, visit or



About Vivo

Vivo is a leading global technology company that is product-driven with core businesses including smart terminals and intelligent services. vivo is committed to connecting users to the digital world by designing exciting and trendsetting smart mobile products and services which integrate technology and fashion in unique and creative ways. Adhering to its core values, which include “Benfen”, “innovation” and “consumer orientation”, vivo has implemented a sustainable development strategy to achieve its vision of becoming a leading, long-lasting, world-class enterprise.
Vivo’s headquarters is located in Dongguan, China, with 9 R&D centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo and San Diego. These centers focus on the development of cutting-edge consumer technologies including 5G, artificial intelligence, photography, design and other emerging fields. vivo has also set up five production hubs across China, South Asia and Southeast Asia, which manufacture over 200 million smartphones every year. As of 2019, vivo has developed its sales network across more than 30 countries and regions, attracting more than 300 million active users worldwide.
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Crispy Bacon and Cheese Potatoes with CDO Bacon + Danes Cheese

For the love of bacon that we can’t resist, I will be sharing this very simple snack that you can make, even while you are doing your work from home responsibilities, so you can still make your family’s merienda special.

CDO Bacon are made from sliced whole pork bellies that are cured and smoked to achieve that distinct and unique bacon flavor. It is perfectly made flavorful, delicately crispy and delightfully delicious.* It is versatile that it can be pair with anything! It’s perfect pair for me, is Danes Cheese, as you remember the Cheese and Bacon Roll Ups I made earlier during the lock down.

1 200g pack CDO Bacon
3 large potatoes, chopped into cubes
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 1/2 Danes Cheese, grated
3 green onions sliced thin
*I also added mozarella cheese, chop into cubes

1. Cook the bacon – you can do either of these – a) spread the bacon strips in a baking tray rimmed with a baking sheet, and place it inside your oven. Set the temperature to 200 degrees Celcius and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven when you are satisfied on how it is cooked – crispy? crunchy? I cooked mine chewy because I want the fats! OR b) Cook in the pan, just how you normally cook it.
2. While the bacon is cooking, peel and chop the potatoes.
3. When bacon is cooked, transfer it to a paper towel lined plate to drain the excess oil and put the potatoes in the pan with bacon grease. Coat the potatoes with bacon grease. Don’t forget though, to remove the bacon grease if it looks like it is too much.
4. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 10 minutes. Stir and back for another 10 minutes, do this twice. (Total of 30 minutes)
5. Chop your bacon and once potato is done baking, sprinkle cheese and chopped bacon on top and cook for an additional 5 minutes, or until the cheese has melted.
6. Top with sliced green onions before serving.

PS. You can try this in a pan, after you cook your bacon, cook the potatoes then add cheese and chopped bacon after.

That’s how easy this recipe is, I can bring home the bacon in both merienda time and my work! Bacon will always be hooooome!

*CDO Bacon description came from CDO Foodsphere


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Momzilla PH launches Personal Shopper Online Sale

It’s the first time that Coco joined me as I cook, all because he wanted to use his new apron. Not that I am really a cook or I even cook great meals, I normally just cook chicken fillet for Coco. That’s his most favoritiest ulam, as he says!
Today was made even more special because of the Bounty Fresh chicken breast fillet pack with all the ingredients for Chicken Milanese that came together with our matchy and personalized Funnest PH aprons and red bags that we love so much! Thanks again, #MomzillaPH!
Seriously speaking, I’m missing the quarterly Momzilla fairs that I usually go to – not that I’m shopping for a lot of stuff, it’s more on the feeling of being there, lucky if I bump into my momma friends, Cocoon Studio taking our beautiful pictures, how Coco enjoys playing at the play area and all other memories we share with the whole Momzilla Families community.

For now, let’s try to embrace the #NewNormal and just virtually shop for the best baby, kid and mommy essentials on the upcoming Momzilla Personal Shopper Online Sale, which will be happening on July 4 and 5, 2020, only at
Aside from our favorite #MomzillaExclusive items, #Bounty Fresh products will also be available at and will be doing FREE DELIVERY of worth 150php for that weekend!
Thank you Momzilla PH and Bounty Fresh for making this possible, especially for new mommies and daddies at this #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona, having a hard time and trying to get by with this #NewNorm!

#LakingFarmFresh #ChooseSmart #ModernMom #MomzillaFamilies #OnlineShoppingPH #MomzillaPersonalShopper

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Earn and Help with the Human Nature Online Dealer Store Program

No Filipino in this country doesn’t know Human Nature – a homegrown beauty, personal and home care brand that is all natural, safe, effective and doesn’t hurt our pocket. In fact, Human Nature products has been in use in my family’s household for as long as I can remember. I’ve even used their Tough Love Laundry detergent to wash not only Coco’s clothes, but his cloth diapers.
I have high respect for their being 1) Pro-Philippines – using ingredients that are locally grown and prioritizing Filipino suppliers. 2) Pro-Poor – maximizing our farmer’s produce and 3) Pro-Environment – providing products good for our skin and for the earth, since they’re 100% no harmful chemicals.
With that in mind, they help our economy grow stronger and provide more for our farmers for them to provide for their families, as they are providing the best and most affordable products for us, the consumers.

As they grew, they also put into consideration the people whom they created these products for, their consumers. They also gave out options for their consumers to earn extra. In fact, during the first few years of Coco, I share my mom’s Human Nature Dealer account and I sell HN products via my online shop, Facebook groups and my neighbors. At present time, I still do pre-orders once in a while.

A few years ago, due to the world being more dependent with technology, they launched their Online Dealer Store (ODS), which is a replica of the Human Nature website with your personalized link. You will earn with every order purchased via your link. All you have to do is to share your personalized link.

I know we have been trying so hard to make ends meet in the last 100+ days, some are ‘no work, no pay’ and some were laid off. So many industries had to shut down for a while, therefore a lot of businesses had to as well. And this is brought to us by that pandemic, called Corona Virus aka Covid19.
I encourage you to try out Human Nature’s Online Dealer Store Program and earn a little extra for yourself and your family, at the comforts of your home. All you need is your mobile phone and your internet, and your time because, of course, you have to promote your shop. You’ll never have to worry for processing the orders, packing and delivering them, because Human Nature will do it for you.


Set up your very OWN Human Nature Online Dealer Store HERE NOW!

Photos from


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