Do you know that putting FOOD and FUN together can be beneficial to your child?

It’s a tale as old as time. Kids poke, squash, and tear apart their food while parents tell them off to stop playing with the food. It can be messy after all, sometimes even wasteful. But did you know that letting your children have fun with their food is actually good for them?
gardeniapocket (2)
Yes, and it’s a fact supported by research studies, even. According to the Developmental Science journal, letting your children treat their food and snacks creatively can actually help with early brain development. How? By exposing the kids to stimuli (for example, food textures) and concepts that are important during their developmental stage. The approach also supposedly encourages kids’ general creativity because they are allowed to treat their food however they want.
gardeniapocket (1)
Moreover, research studies from the De Montfort University also state that encouraging kids to treat their food like art actually encourages them to develop good eating habits! Findings show that those who were encouraged to explore and handle their food are less likely to develop neophobia (aka picky eating) because they were given the space for food acceptance and exploration.
gardeniapocket (1)
This is definitely big news for those who have always struggled in making their children eat. As parents, our first instinct is to ask if a meal or a snack is healthy and delicious. Now, these studies suggest that while taste does play a role in encouraging kids to appreciate a meal, it is their ability to touch and handle them themselves that inspires them to snack on them later since it makes them overcome their resistance to them in their own terms.
gardeniapocket (3)
With this information out now, what can a parent do? – Well, why not expose your kids to innovative food products that will stimulate their creativity and ingenuity? Thankfully, there are snacks like Gardenia’s Pocket Sandwich, a ready-to-go snack of freshly sealed goodness perfect for merienda, that now comes in double flavors. Who would have thought that you can have a sealed sandwich, much more have it in double flavors?  The snack–which is made of two creamy white bread with yummy fillings–comes in different flavors that are made to appeal to kids’ palate. Parents can choose from their two new double-flavored variants White Chocolate & Blueberry and Raspberry & Peanut Butter or go for the classic, single flavors like Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Pastillas, and Cheese.
gardeniapocket (4)
In addition to this, every pack of Pocket Sandwich is filled with vitamins A, B1, and B2, as well as minerals like iron which are good for the eyes and the release of energy, respectively. But it’s not only those that make this a perfect pocketable merienda for children AND parents. They can actually be a pretty good canvass for food discovery, too–just toast them, fold them, and squeeze to really appreciate the tasty fillings in each sandwich!
gardeniapocket (2)
More importantly, parents can now cut down their brainstorming and food prep time with these snacks and use their free hours discovering with their children. Kids will always be curious and adventurous in this stage and now you can spend your time discovering and helping them unleash their talents by making snack time easy, convenient, tasty, and creative.

Now, whoever said creativity and food can’t go together? For parents out there, you can now start your food discovery journey by grabbing a few packs of Gardenia’s Pocket Sandwich. It’s available in all leading groceries nationwide for only PHP 12.75 SRP for double-flavored variants and PHP12.00 SRP for single flavors. You can also visit Gardenia’s website at or follow them on Facebook to keep updated on all their products.

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Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt Introduces its Kids range in the Philippines

One of my grab and go snacks is a cup of yogurt, easy to eat and definitely nutritious. But it is so hard to find that one yogurt brand that kids would love, right?

Thank God for my new discovery!

Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt introduces its kids’ range here in the Philippines and it comes in 4 yummy flavours – Strawberry, Mango, Vanilla and Honey – that kids would surely love! It is made from Australian Milk, live cultures and contains the goodness of calcium for growing teeth and bones.

How about eating yogurt while having fun playing? Did you know that you can download an AR App of Farmers Union (both available in Play Store and Apple Store) and as your child eats their yogurt, he can watch the animals (kangaroo, cockatoo, platypus and koala) on the packaging come to life, as they can also interact and talk to them. What an awesome and exciting technology there is, right?

Now, Coco loves eating his favourite #FarmersUnionYogurt Strawberry flavoured. Having him eat a yogurt as never been this easy, healthy and fun, thanks to the AR App which allows him to talk to his new friend, the Kangaroo, his favourite!


Picky Eater Coco: 0
Mommy: 1

The #FarmerksUnionKids yogurt range is available now in the PHILIPPINES at all major supermarkets: S&R, Landers, Landmark, Rustans, Lawsons Convenience Stores, Metro Supermarket and SM Supermarket.

#farmersunionyogurt #farmersunionkids #spon

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Fast Charging is the smartphone feature that will change your life

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a smartphone is a must-have appendage to keep up with one’s daily grind. But one feature that rarely takes the spotlight, yet very much deserves it, is Fast Charging.

Go-getters would know that the last thing that they want is for their smartphone to slow them down. And the best smartphone of choice to date, that will be up and running as you are is the Vivo V17 Pro.

Powered with 4,100 mAh battery, the V17 Pro guarantees long battery life despite multi-app use. In layman’s term, one can enjoy a reliable phone that is versatile enough for quick document work, incessant communications via messaging apps, constant browsing, and even games, without it dying on you just after a few hours.

The Fast charging feature is the life hack you need, especially if your mantra is Rest and Reset. It’s most important to have a phone that will only require as little time to reset as you are if you’re the image of up-and-about.

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Head over to the BLIMS Holiday Sale 2019 NOW!

BLIMS is the furniture store that defines lifestyles and shops the world for the latest and most elegant collections of furniture. Holiday is just around the corner and your home needs to be holiday ready. BLIMS is having a Holiday Sale and enjoy up to 50% off on selected items from November 8 to December 31. They also offer 6 mos. 0% interest and Buy now pay 2020 on selected major credit cards.

BLIMS is the furniture store that offers choice to customers. Each BLIMS store houses some of the best collections in the country. BLIMS offers a complete variety of furniture, which are categorized as follows:

Living Space – take your pick from an wide collection of sofas and dining sets.
Sleepshop – BLIMS is equipped with a wide array of bed frames and mattresses that will give you quiet serenity and peaceful slumber.
Recliners & Loungers – indulge yourself and bring home a seat you can just sink into.
Office World – find the items that allow you to take charge.

To see more furniture pieces perfect for your home, visit their website BLIMS Fine Furniture (, check their Facebook Page ( or simply drop by on one of their 19 showrooms nationwide.

Have a happy furniture shopping day ahead!

BLIMS is the furniture store that defines lifestyle. Step into any of our nineteen showrooms nationwide and shop for furniture that can compliment your home.
BLIMS shops the world for the latest and most elegant collections of furniture. BLIMS is the furniture store that sets the trends and it has been in the industry for over 42 years but continues to take pride in revolutionizing the furniture industry by offering many firsts:
>First to launch the concept of Ready-To-Use (RTU) and Ready-To-Deliver (RTD) furniture, now an industry standard in convenience and practicality.
>First to launch a series of annual exhibits supported by extensive advertising campaigns. The series became a truly awaited industry event for trend forecasts and latest designs.
>First to launch the complete one-stop center for ergonomic office furniture and furnishings, aptly called “Office World”
>First to launch the 0% card installment scheme in the furniture industry.
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Not Just a Star for A Night, Sarah G.’s Secret of Success Unfolded


The singer-actress has been in the industry for almost two decades now.

William Shakespeare once said, “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.” This is something that no doubt applies to Sarah Geronimo, the multi-hyphenated star who is inarguably still one of the brightest personalities in the entertainment industry even after almost two decades of being a part of it.

Some would say that Sarah was meant to rule the stage since she was young, but there was a lot of hard work invested in her career as well—something she had shown since childhood. She won the grand prize for the IBC television singing contest Star for a Night at the tender age of 14 and had been unstoppable ever since. Her rise was fast but expected. She broke through the top with new hits and soulful revivals, as well as albums that turned her presence into a form of pop culture on its own.

But while her fast rise is something for the books, there’s something more amazing about her career that makes her story more special than the usual narrative of success. Yes, getting into the industry is one thing, but actually STAYING in it and holding onto your place is another thing, something Sarah had flawlessly done as well. “I think passion is the no.1 key to achieving our goals in life. Keeping the passion fueled with and for the things that bring you happiness, inspiration, and growth is very important,” she shares when asked about her recipe for success. “Finding purpose in what you do is also very much important.

As a child, it was obvious that Sarah had talent. She actively joined singing contests, and she was also one of the performers during Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Philippines in 1995—at age seven, no less. In the early years of her career, she established herself as a powerhouse singer, but she didn’t stop there. Instead, she pushed her boundaries, always exploring her box until it grew bigger and bigger. From having hit tracks, she then started doing small TV guestings until she finally crossed to lead roles and big-screen projects. Even with her music, Sarah was and is still very much experimental. Labeled as a pop artist for the good half of her career, she then flawlessly crossed to the dance and R&B genre with her later albums.

In my case, I guess reinvention happened when I started listening to my own mind and body. I went after what really made me feel more passionate as an artist,” she shares.

And just like any great star with a good backstory, Sarah attributes her success as tracing back to her childhood. “My parents were very supportive of my dreams since day 1. They devoted their time to help me achieve our dreams. They were there with me and guided me every step of the way and for that I will forever be grateful. Kasama ko sila buong journey ko sa pagkamit ng aking pangarap [They were there with me throughout my whole journey of achieving my dreams].

With her appetite for discovery and self-reinvention, Sarah, who is currently the brand endorser of Gardenia, is also the perfect role model to promote the Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, one of the lines of handy snacks of the leading brand marketed towards kids. The Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, which is made and sealed fresh every day, is the perfect merienda for children because of their lip-smacking taste and nutritional value. Busy moms who always stress over snack prep can use these freshly-packed treats as the perfect go-to baon for their little ones, too.

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich comes in flavors that appeal to the tastebuds of kids. There are Chocolate, Strawberry Pastillas and Cheese flavors as well as their latest two flavors in one sandwich variants — White Chocolate and Blueberry and the other one, Raspberry and Peanut Butter. All are perfect for picky kids who love variety in their snacks. These yummy flavors are sandwiched between two soft creamy loaves of white bread that are fresh as they are filling.

More than its convenience, however, Gardenia promotes a sense of childhood discovery between parent and child—something Sarah is entirely on-board with.

As a successful star, Sarah attributes a lot of her principles that made her the popstar that she is now, back to her childhood—and that is something she wants other kids to experience as well.

I just knew ever since I was little what I wanted to do in life. I have always enjoyed and loved good music. I have always been a fan of good films and tv shows. I am very lucky to have the kind of parents who never failed to show me support in helping me achieve my dreams.

On her advice for kids who have big dreams like her, she has this to say, “Kids should explore their potentials as early as they can. I am in support of self-discovery among kids as this will nurture them and will help them reach their full potential to become who they want to be as they grow up. I believe parents should prepare and empower their kids as early as possible. It is a must!

The Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is available in all leading groceries nationwide for only PHP 12.00 SRP for single flavors and PHP 12.75 for double flavors. Visit Gardenia’s website at or follow them on Facebook to keep updated on all their promos and products.

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Shoot beyond limits with Vivo V17 Pro dual front camera, exclusive selfie apps

There was a time when taking selfies was as basic as capturing one’s close-up image, often to highlight an appearance or a spectacular scenery in the background. While selfie shooters yearned to capture more elements in their frames, they were limited mostly by the technology of the front-facing cameras at that time.

In recent years, advancements in optics technology and software development have given birth to front-facing cameras that offer better resolution and image quality, as well as AI-enhanced photography apps. These, in turn, have transformed selfie shooting, from a mere trend, to a skill, even an artform.

Today, companies like Vivo, are taking the lead in pioneering technology that enhances the smartphone experience. This includes taking selfie shooting to new and higher levels.

Just a few months after unveiling its V15 Pro with the world’s first 32MP elevating selfie camera and an AI triple rear camera, the leading global technology company has already launched V17 Pro, the second flagship smartphone in its V series of midrange smartphones.

Now, improving from its predecessor, the V17 Pro boasts of another world’s first, an exclusive pair of front cameras—a 32MP main camera with f/2.0 aperture and 8MP 105-degree super-wide-angle camera—which ensures clearer and fuller selfies, in whatever environment.

Much like the V15’s selfie optics, the V17 Pro’s dual front cameras are tucked behind the smartphone’s notch-less Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display, nestled in a wide pop-up mechanism that elevates as quickly as it retracts.

With the premium smartphone’s dual elevating selfie camera, users will never need selfie sticks to capture “groufies” or the splendid panoramic view behind them. All they have to do is access the super-wide-angle camera and “shoot beyond limits”.

For nighttime selfies, the front camera gets ample support from Selfie Softlight that lights up dark images and an exclusive Super Night Selfie mode which captures and combines multiple frames into one image to make one’s face stand out, especially in low-light conditions.

There is also a “Pose Master” feature which suggest several poses to match various photo scenes and backgrounds, to make one’s selfies even more creative.

Aside from its elevating dual selfie camera and AI powered and enhanced selfie apps, the V17 Pro also boasts of AI quad rear cameras—48MP main camera, 8MP super wide-angle, 2MP bokeh, and 2MP super macro camera—which can capture super macro images from a distance of just 4 cm., and super wide clear images, even in dark surroundings.

A selfie (right) using the Vivo V17 Pro’s Super Wide-Angle camera captures a fuller background, compared to a typical selfie.

About Vivo
Vivo is a leading global technology company that is committed to creating trendsetting smart mobile innovations and services. Devoted to forming a vibrant mobile internet ecosystem, Vivo currently owns and operates an extensive network of research operations, with R&D centers focusing on the development of cutting-edge consumer technologies, including 5G, AI, mobile photography, and next-generation smartphone design.
Currently, Vivo has over two hundred million users enjoying its mobile products and services around the world. It is present in 18 markets globally and features offline retail stores in over 1,000 cities worldwide. In the Philippines, Vivo is among the top 3 smartphone brands in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries, visit or check, and

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A Red Oreo? Compliment an Oreo and Make it Turn Red!

What happens when you give someone a nice compliment? They blush, and turn red, right? Did you know that Oreo cookies blush too? Yes, for a limited time only, everyone’s favorite cookie will be turning red when you pay it a compliment.

This October, Oreo fanatics will get the chance to make Oreo cookies turn red by playing it a compliment through the “Compliment Machine” in exchange for a treat.

This Compliment Machine is the world’s first compliment-powered treat-giver, running on all the lovely things said by Oreo people. It’s the perfect way to show much how much you love Oreo cookies, and get to taste how Oreo cookies taste like when they get kilig.

The Oreo Compliment Machine is the first of its kind in the country, and we’re more than excited for Oreo fans to try this new experience,” said Kristine Enriquez, brand manager of Mondelez Philippines, maker of Oreo Cookies. “We all deserve a little loving sometimes, and we’re sure everyone will love what happens to our favorite Oreo cookie when it turns red.

During the launch, Kapamilya Gold Squad member and Kadenang Ginto star, Kyle Echarri were given compliments by ladies, as he also did vice versa, made everybody blush like an Oreo.

We also got to taste the goodness of the Red Velvet Oreo, scrumptious as it is, because of its cheesecake flavored cream.

Express your love for Oreo cookies at the Oreo Compliment Machine, which will be at Robinson’s Galleria this October 12 to 13, then the Glorietta Activity Grounds on October 16. It will be making its last stop at UP Town Center on October 19 to 20.

For more details about Oreo follow them on Instagram and Like them on Facebook.

Watch snippets of the launch here:

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A Celebration of Clean Hands

Safeguard Philippines spreads awareness on proper handwashing in schools and hospitals

P&G and Safeguard Philippines joins forces with Manila Water Foundation in celebrating Global Handwashing Day last October 15, 2019 at the Bagong Nayon IV Elementary School in Antipolo City, Rizal. 

CLEAN HANDS promote good health! CLEAN HANDS prevent infections!  CLEAN HANDS save lives. Since 2008, Safeguard Philippines has been celebrating Global Handwashing Day alongside various institutions and communities. This 2019, Safeguard Philippines partnered with Manila Water Foundation and the Philippine General Hospital to once more promote greater awareness and vigilance on the benefits of CLEAN HANDS, especially in schools and hospitals.

Global Handwashing Day (GHD) is celebrated every October 15 by more than 200 million people in 100 countries. Each year, GHD aims to promote a global culture of clean hands through handwashing with soap and water.  Keeping hands clean is one of the most important things anyone can and everyone should do to stay healthy. Studies have shown that hand washing can prevent 1 in 3 diarrhea-related illnesses and 1 in 5 respiratory infections, such as a cold or the flu. During this period when our country is affected by various infectious diseases, it is now even more urgent to remind all of us of the importance of keeping our hands clean by washing our hands. Handwashing with soap is an effective way to prevent many infectious diseases and saves lives.

The GHD theme this year “CLEAN HANDS FOR ALL” means we must find a way that all people from all walks of life, in both urban and rural areas, whether in public or private places, in all homes, schools, workplaces, have access to basic hand washing facilities with soap and water. Most of the  time handwashing is easy and affordable but sometimes some places can have challenges which limit access to the usual handwashing facilities.

Raising awareness one school at a time

Learning how to correctly wash our hands is a fundamental skill our children must learn. Getting into the clean hands habit by frequent hand washing, especially before eating and after using the toilet is valuable to good health and favorable personal development.  Schools and school teachers are among the most important partners of Safeguard Philippines through the years of GHD. Many schools, however, do not have sufficient handwashing facilities.

Months leading to this significant celebration of proper hygiene, Safeguard partnered with Manila Water Foundation in the construction of 5-faucet handwashing facilities and the provision of hygiene kits in more than 30 public schools in key cities nationwide, to benefit more than 100,000 public school students and teachers.

P&G and Safeguard Philippines together with the Antipolo Government Mayor Andeng and Councilor Susana, executives from DepEd and Manila Water at the Inauguration of the 5-faucet hand washing facility held at the Bagong Nayon IV Elementary School in Antipolo City, Rizal.  [1st row L-R] P&G Corporate Communications Manager Charmaine Banzuelo, Safeguard Philippines Communications Manager Jeune San Juan, DepEd Undersecretary Tonisito Umali, Bagong Nayon IV Elementary School Principal Erwin Acorda, Antipolo City Mayor Andrea Ynares, Antipolo City Councilor Susana Say; [2nd row L-R] MWF Executive Director Reginald Andal, Dr. Rommel Bautista, MWF Rizal Area Business Manager Kristoffer Sabater, DepED Schools Division Superintendent Region IV-A, MWF East Zone Business Manager Marvin Panday, and DepEd Medical Officer Dr. Rico Reyes.

In the spirit of CLEAN HANDS FOR ALL, last October 14, more than 100 Grade 4 students in Antipolo took part in a handwashing session to coincide with the inauguration of hygiene facilities which were built in 20 Antipolo schools with the support from Safeguard and Manila Water Foundation. Two thousand hygiene kits containing a towel and Safeguard hand soap were also distributed to the children at the celebration, which also highlights their Lingap Eskwela-Linis Lusog Kabataan collaboration. Antipolo City Mayor Andrea “Andeng” Bautista-Ynares graced the event and shared the importance of private sector partnerships to keep kids in schools! This message was echoed by the DepED Public Schools Division Superintendent Region IV-A.

For this year’s observance of Global Handwashing Day, Safeguard has also partnered with the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to promote greater awareness of the benefits of handwashing, particularly in a major hospital.

Renewing the commitment to Clean Hands in Healthcare Settings

Large hospitals such as the Philippine General Hospital are strategic partners in the CLEAN HANDS Campaign. PGH is considered the biggest modern government tertiary hospital in the Philippines, servicing more than 600,000 patients annually. In any ordinary day, the PGH has over 2,000 patients either in any of its 19 clinical departments admitted in their wards or being seen in any one of its out-patient clinics. CLEAN HANDS in PGH advocates use of alcohol and handwashing and part of Patient Safety.

At the signal of 10am of October 15, the entire PGH community joined the Simultaneous Hand Hygiene Event and performed hand hygiene whether they were in the clinical areas, wards, clinics, operating rooms or in classrooms or conferences. Through this event, each and every healthcare worker reaffirmed his or her commitment to Clean Hands. All PGH department chairs, chief nurses, and administrative staff of the hospital signed their commitment to include Hand Hygiene in training and service activities. Advocacy for Clean Hands is expanded to the university community as well. Hand Hygiene posters created by the medical students were featured. Nurses and doctors also taught hundreds of parents, family members and bantays of PGH patients to understand the importance of handwashing in their own families. Hopefully this activity cascades the benefits of Clean Hands campaign to their homes and communities.

“Handwashing is one of the most important hygienic practices that children and health workers have to take to heart. This is why Safeguard proactively promotes the practice of washing hands with soap. Through the Global Handwashing Day celebration, we hope to raise even more awareness on its health benefits,” said Clarence Lim-Ignacio, Safeguard Brand Manager.

Together, let us renew our commitment to practice handwashing and help stop the spread of illnesses that can be caused by germs. Whoever you are, whatever you do, practice frequent handwashing. Observe CLEAN HANDS not only during the Global Handwashing Day and every day from this day onward. And let us all work towards Clean Hands for ALL, this means no one is left behind in these efforts. 


About Procter & Gamble 
P&G serves consumers around the world with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Always®, Ambi Pur®, Ariel®, Bounty®, Charmin®, Crest®, Dawn®, Downy®, Fairy®, Febreze®, Gain®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, SK-II®, Tide®, Vicks®, and Whisper®. The P&G community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide. Please visit for the latest news and information about P&G and its brands.
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Experience the Four Seasons with BLK Scents

BLK Scents Pop Up StoreDo you want to experience the scents of the four seasons in just a blink of an eye? Head over to BLK CosmeticsSpecial Pop Up Store, the first of its kind in the Philippines, where they bring to life, BLK Scents, their new baby and get to introduce them to everyone in a more interactive and fun way.
BLK Scents
SUMMER Pomegranate
Everything that is summer to you. Sunshine cheers. Bright as a sun. Your Sunlight in A Bottle. It is both fruity and floral with blends of magnolia and peony.
BLK Scents Summer PomegranateBLK Scents Summer Pomegranate
SPRING Sweet Pea
Romantic. Literally felt like I am in a bed of a indulgent bouquet of flowers in sweet pea scent, blended with the fragrance of Apple tree leaves, yellow freesias and the lush notes of linden blossom and white orris
BLK Scents Spring Sweet PeaBLK Scents Spring Sweet PeaBLK Scents Spring Sweet Pea
Experience Autumn lights to infinity and beyond. Fragrance blended with fresh wisteria, red peony and sweet musk.
BLK Scents Autumn LilyBLK Scents Autumn LilyBLK Scents Autumn Lily
WINTER Jasmine
No fret, winter wonderland in the heat of October. Coolness and freshness of winter with notes of winter jasmine peppermint and green tea.
BLK Scents Winter JasmineBLK Scents Winter JasmineBLK Scents Winter Jasmine
Beat the SUMMER heat, smell the romance of SPRING, see the lights of AUTUMN and experience WINTER wonderland, starting TODAY, October 12, 2019 up to November 30 at the C-5 Wing of Market! Market! MONDAY to SUNDAY 12NN to 9PM. ENTRANCE is FREE and you get 10% discount when you post your pic with the hashtag #BLKScentsPopUp #BLKScents.

Sneak Peak Here:

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Breastfeeding Made EASY with Milk Easy PH

Milk Easy

Photo by Cocoon Studio

I breastfed Coco for 3 whole years. I remember looking for affordable and comfortable nursing bras but I never found the perfect one. I ended up buying cheap nursing bras from the department store, just to have something to wear when I go out. I don’t wear bra when I am at home. TMI, sorry!

Don’t tell me what the latest is in these area, because I don’t really know what are INs and OUTs in today’s breastfeeding fashion, because I’ve been out of business for more than 3 years. But I just got to know, MilkEasyPH, from the glamorous and fun mommas of Momzilla. It was created by breastfeeding and working moms who needed to find better alternatives on how they could nurse and pump more easily, efficiently and less time consuming by creating these practical products.


Milk Easy Products
Milk Easy Nurse and Pump Easy Bra
It has a two-layer feature to let you nurse and pump at the same time. Its unique design makes this an everyday staple that provides support and function without sacrificing comfort or adding bulk. It is the first combined nursing and hands-free pumping bra that looks and feels like a regular bra, as it frees up your hands which allows you to multitask while pumping.

Milk Easy Strapless Nursing Bra
This essential STRAPLESS T-shirt bra is seamless and provides full coverage for any sleeveless, tube or off-shoulder outfit. Its functional and streamlined style allows for nursing on-the-go without sacrificing style. It has easy snap-on buttons to breastfeed anytime. It has no underwire for maximum comfort.

Milk Easy Flow Easy Flange
Constructed with the perfect angle and continuous form, the flange’s innovative design gives comfort, enhances output, and encourages milk to flow more easily – a necessity for pumping moms to lean back and relax. It stimulates better flow, reduces constriction of milk ducts, helps prevent mastitis and other breast infections caused by clogged ducts.
It fits breasts more naturally with its wider and rounder design and has a seamless connection of funnel and tube reduces irritation to the nipple and areola. It is best used with Milk Easy’s Nurse and Pump Easy bra for a more relaxed and productive pumping experience.

Milk Easy Breast Milk Storage Bag
It is a pre-sterilized and double-safety sealed milk storage bag that is guaranteed to store your liquid gold securely and hygienically. Equipped with a spot for easier pouring and allergen icons for fast labeling, it’s a great asset for every mom’s pump life. It is self standing, leak proof, 100% BPA-free and has an Allergen icon label. It comes in 8 oz/240ml bags.

Milk Easy Insulated Pump Bag
Keep your liquid gold and/or pump parts cool for up to 10 hours with this chic and stylish bag.

I love everything in Milk EasyPH‘s chic and pink launch. It was a no-program event, just to gather moms, learn about the products, chill, drink and pose. Yep, I literally just had fun with the girls. Here are some lovely photos from me, my friends and Cocoon Studio.
Milk EasyMilk EasyMilk Easy

Milk Easy

With Kato, in white, one of the ladies behind Milk Easy PH

And the Coco had fun, of course, thanks to FunNest!
Milk EasyMilk Easy
Milk Easy

You can shop Milk Easy PH at, Rustan’s, The Parenting Emporium, Urban Mom, The Baby Ville Iloilo, Baby Stork Bacolod and Storked Davao. Follow their Socials via Facebook and Instagram.

I would also like to commend the brands that made Milk Easy PH Launch a success:
Event setup @The.Floralist | Venue and food @TheFoodHallPH | Photographer @CocoonStudioPH | Hologram photo booth @SpinCam360 | Play area @FunNestPH @FunNestParties

PS. Credits to Cocoon Studio for the official photos of the products: flange, strapless bra and insulated bag, as well as first two pictures of Coco and the first 3 group shots.

Sneak Peak HERE:

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