Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid: ang Bagong Baby in the House

Sharing with you all din ang good news!

Isang patak kaya ang isang katutak din for our children’s bottles and meal time stuff! Our most trusted brand for dishwashing, Joy Dishwashing Liquid now has the new Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid, made especially for our children’s wares.

Thank you Procter and Gamble because we now have something new to trust when it comes to washing our baby’s things. Guaranteed safe to use because it has no heavy perfume, no added dye, no parabens and is recommended by pediatricians.

Sobrang sakto to for us, kasi I don’t need to dilute the normal Joy to wash Coco’s baon stuff to make sure na safe na safe ito to use. I always make sure that  Coco gets the best of the best, that’s why even in dishwashing yung the best din ang para sa kanya.

Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid is now available in all supermarkets nationwide! Grab yours now!

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WANDERing for FOOD? Head over to Robinson’s Galleria’s Veranda!

Hey you all been wandering for where to eat with your family next? Have you dropped by the Veranda – at the 2nd and 3rd floor of Robinson’s Galleria?
I’m surprised of the wide range of restaurants it now has. I never knew they opened a lot… like literally a lot! Like I know it has been there for a while now. But you’ll be surprised that it is so much more than you could think of.


portion of Veranda (2nd Level)

There’s really many food choices from different cuisines that you can choose from different cuisines that you can choose from – Chili’s, Yabu, Famous Amos, Black Scoop Cafe, Bird House, Crisostomo, Macao Imperial Tea, Pho Hoa, Mesa and Peri-Peri to name a few.


portion of Veranda (3rd level)


portion of Veranda (3rd level)

At the 4th level, you’ll find Popeye’s, Burger King, Potato Corner, Pancake House, Max’s, Greenwich Pizza, KFC, Cold Stone Creamery, Starbucks, Big Chill and Mad Mark’s Creamery – which if you notice are more kid-friendly because we have Robinsons Movie World, Toys R Us, Kidzoona and Playlab on that level – which makes it the most family oriented level.


portion of the 4th level


Playlab and Kidzoona

Galle is so familiar to me, like I’ve witness how it evolved through the last 3 decades. It was so different today, but it will always be home to me. It’s so good to have new choices to bring my family to if we are in Robinson’s Galleria.

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Fiorgelato, Italian Happiness in every Scoop

It’s officially summer season in the Philippines and best way to cool down is by eating our favorite ice cream. I recently got re-acquainted to an old flame, Fiorgelatothe Italian Ice cream.

It has always been known to be that gelato with its intense flavor, real fruits, creamier and has the right amount of sweetness. It is made from 100% pure milk. Finishing my cup of gelato made me realize how I missed eating my old time favorite, Fiorgelato. Good thing there is now a branch nearer to me, at Sta. Lucia Grand Mall.

You’re in for a treat! Get your gelato without hurting your pockets — a small cone with 2 scoops is just Php40! It has a wide array of flavors you’ll surely love!

If you can’t decide whether to get the pistachio, mint, mango graham, salted caramel, vanilla, bubble gum and best sellers strawberry and chocolate, why not get them all for the One for All with 10 scoops of ice cream in 10 flavors just like what I did for only Php175.

You can also get your favorite ice cream blended, Affogato style for Php140! This one is the vanilla flavor. Definitely not your ordinary milkshake!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for gelato ice cream! What a way to beat the heat, right?

East Peeps! Heav over to Fiorgelato at the 2F, Building 3, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta, Rizal
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays (10AM – 9PM)
Follow their socials at Facebook and Instagram.

So, what’s your flavor?

Thank you IGInfluencersPH for this!

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MOS Burger Opens Flagship Store in the Philippines

The famous Japanese food chain, MOS Burger has finally opened its flagship store in the Philippines, as it adds to the huge range to the #FlavorsOfRobinsonsGalleria. It definitely got the best spot in Galleria.

MOS Burger
has a lot of variety of burgers to choose from, From your favorite cheeseburgers to rice burgers and natsumi in your favorite Japanese food in really affordable prices, ranging from Php149-309. You can also add drinks and sides as low as Php100. Really! I’m surprised on how affordable it is, for a foreign brand ha!

I’ve always love yakiniku, that’s why I ordered their Yakiniku Rice Burger with soda and green salad topped with roasted sesame dressing. It is so flavorful that I finished everything in a gist. I also ended up using a fork to make things easier for me. And how can I forget the salad! It has this fresh crunch every time you take a bite, thankful that they are generous with the dressing when we asked for another round.

Don’t fret if you see the long line outside. Of course, everybody wants to try it out, since it is new. It hasn’t even been opened for a week at the moment. There might be a line but you will be amazed of their efficiency. Our food was served fast. I thought we were going to wait for a while seeing how it looked with the line outside.DSCF2594

I say head over NOW and taste it for the very first time only at the 2nd level of @robinsonsgalleriaortigas Level 2 (ADB Entrance), opposite TGIF!

Watch my VLOG!

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Avon Philippines Launches #AvonBranchOfTheFuture

Will all the 90’s kid here stand up and raise your hands if you had own an Avon inner garment when you were in your teens. Yes. You. Me. Almost all of us, I’m so sure. I’m pretty sure I got those cute floral and polka prints in my closet before.

I’d also remember browsing through our help, Ate Ruby’s Avon Catalog that she borrowed from her Avon Agent friend. I’d order whatever because I super love their payment scheme, you know it! Not hard on our pockets, especially when I was still in college and when I just started working. Realizing how many lives we have helped din ano? As for some, becoming an Avon agent has been their bread and means to support their family.

Beauty fans can now experience Avon’s world-class showcase in the newly launched #AvonBranchOfTheFuture at Victoria de Manila, Taft, Manila. They wanted to create a space for all their Avon ladies to allow them to see their products, become an Avon partner. It is like the catalog came into life. Same, same but different. Different in the sense that we can fit or check our sizes correctly, see make up shades in real, and even smell the scents of perfumes and lotions right there and then.

There are 3 key areas that this branch has: The Beauty Studio, Improved Supermarket and the Avon VIP lounge.

Beauty Studio showcases Avon’s Make up, Fragrance and Face Care products that are tailored fit to highlight true Filipina beauty. It also includes the intimate apparel and jewelry section that customers care try for themselves.

At the Improved Supermarket section, you can find Avon’s toiletries and body care products, accessories, nutritionals and home items. This is also the area where you can find Avon’s new, top and clearance offers and their exclusive bundles.

Beauty Boutique owners and Avon’s top sellers have access to the new Avon VIP Lounge. They can do bulk purchases there, as well as use their exclusive counters.

After so many years, Avon’s new Taft branch speaks of connecting to their customers and resellers, as they believe that it is through connecting with them, a better relationship will be built.

Of course, I had a chance to shop for myself! It is totally what a mom like me needs – me time and spending it with your girlfriends!

Watch our shopping spree here!

Don’t forget to like and follow Avon Philippines Socials — Facebook and Instagram!

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#FuelTheFuture Mossimo Kids x Likhang Bata T-shirt Design Contest 2020


Coco Marcus has been enjoying painting and drawing lately and he has posted them all on our wall. I’m amazed with his imagination and his memory when he draws logos of brands and other trademarked pictures.

With that, I’m so excited to have him join the Mossimo Kids x Likhang Bata SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST and get a chance to be featured in the shirt line of Mossimo Kids and a framed artwork by Likhang Bata Creativity Center!


Purchase the art kit for only Php 250 at any participating Mossimo Kids store. Visit for more details 🎨💕

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BAYO | I am an #EmpoweredFilipina

Margaux Hemady_bayo_profilepic_layout_friend1

2020 is the year we shift the focus and magnify the contributions of an #EmpoweredFilipina.


I support the campaign to empower women. Many women don’t realize their worth. They don’t realize their potential. Many think they can’t. Because they are boxed in this mentality that only men rule the world.

Come on ghorls! It’s already 2020!

Whatever you are doing at this moment, STOP.

Think of all the things you can do. Think of all the things that you can be. Think of all the amazing things that you missed. Don’t fret, there is still time and you can still do something about it.

Once you start loving yourself. Once you realize your self-worth. Once you realize your full potential. You will be free. You will be reaching for the stars. You will be empowered.

Because women, can also change the world.
Because Girl, YOU CAN!

Dedicated to all the women in my life.

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The Call of The Wild, Listen!

Buck’s story is based on a Classic American Literature – Jack London’s legendary adventure, Call of the Wild and it will definitely give us a cinematic experience of a lifetime, with Harrison Ford as its lead. Twentieth Century Fox vividly brings to screen the story of Buck, a very huge big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life is turned upside down when he is dognapped from his California home and was brought to the exotic wilds of the Canadian Yukon in the 1890s. He became a mail delivery dog sled member and eventually the leader. He will then after be lead to discover his true place in the world and become his own master.

The team behind the film used cutting edge visual effects and animation technology in order to render the animals in the film, which is fully photorealistic and emotionally authentic, I must say.


Photo: 20th Century Fox

We got to watch the special screening of The Call of the Wild and I didn’t expect how much I’d enjoy it. For a non-pet lover like me, watching Buck’s story — his epic adventures and heartbreaking hardships – warmed my heart.. tugged a string in my heart. There’s really this feeling of contentment or pride when you fit in or a part of something. Funny how even Buck had that problem.
Just like Buck, there is once (or even more times) in our life, when we find ourselves lost in a path where we don’t know where we will go or what we will do. We don’t know who we are. We don’t know our place in this world. I did. I know you do too. In truth, I never knew who I am supposed to be. I just lived on to who I am now, because I believe I am called to be one, a mom. No regrets though. Who I am now may be different from whom I want to be when I was younger and who I am now didn’t achieve this overnight. I had to get lost and find the right direction and go through hard experiences to be able to find the wild in me. I’ve always been vocal of my life’s greatest fear – that Coco wouldn’t find his place in this world. One day, he may also experience terrible things, like what Buck experienced, but I know he will get through it, again like Buck, because he is strong and determined and most of all, he is loved.

The Call of The Wild is definitely for the whole family, especially for families with pets like Buck and it is NOW SHOWING in Philippine Cinemas nationwide!

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The NEW Kids Happy Time

Around the second half of 2019, KIDSHAPPYTIME had a major revamp of their indoor playground, from a normal play place, it became a digital and virtual playground, which is very apt to what kids these days are into. You can visit the old KHT Blog to see the difference of the two here.

The lobby area became more welcoming. It is now bigger than the old set up. It has more space for other activities and even for a party set up. The lockers are to the right of the entrance of the playground, easier to access for those who has to get something while the kids are still playing.

There are 10 areas where your KIDS can have a HAPPY TIME and let me run through each areas with you here.

Magic Sea. Color your own fish from the paper provided, scan it and you’ll get to see it under the sea at the magical sea screen after. Get your kids creativity boosted and let their imagination swim wild.

Virtual Beach
. Experience what it feels like under the sea or swim with the fishes while playing with sand. There are a lot of sand tools available as well.

Dance Area. Just Dance is the way! Dance with your child and show off your moves. You can choose at the variety of songs available.

Blocks Area. Is your child a builder? Have them enjoy the giant building blocks and have your future architect build his own creation.

Handball All Star. It’s like a virtual ball game where you need to throw the ball to the goal where ever it will show up in the big screen.

TV Area. Have your child’s downtown by watching child friendly films in one of the screens in the TV area. There are also 3 interactive games your child can play.

Trampoline. Never ending jumps, especially when the game flashes on the trampoline surface. I love how even with the trampoline you can be interactive.

Slide. Slide down the ball pit while having fun with the different lightings it has. Coco’s favorite was the one with cars. He loved staying right where the cars where going, thinking it will pass through him.

Ball Pit. Who doesn’t love the ball pit?

Magic Wall. This is one of my favorite. The wall has an interactive game where even you can play with your child. It is easy as you just have to aim the balls to the graphic on the wall.

They also have ride ons by the entrance, arts and craft booth (for sale) and a toy shelf (for sale) by the lobby.

Coco played for 5 hours when we were here. Walang kapaguran at nabitin pa! What I love about the place is that the staff are really kind, helpful and they always wear a smile on their face, making them more approachable. There is also an available water dispenser at the lobby that your kids can drink for free. Aside from that, they also organize little workshops for the kids to learn and explore more.

If you notice the place is dark, yes it is. Why is that? Because this is a digital playground and most of their facilities has the need to use a projector that has a light in it. Don’t be intimidated when you chance upon passing by and notice that the place is dark. It is really made to be that way.

Don’t forget to wear socks!

Here are their current rates:
kidshappytime rates

I’ve also mentioned that you can book the place for parties too. Here are the rates:
Watch this video to get to know Kids Happy Time Playground even more!


Mr. ChooChoo Bear

Kids Happy Time Playground is located at 2F, Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig | You can follow their socials at Facebook and Instagram

Watch it here live!

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Happy Heart’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! May you feel how GREAT it is to LOVE and BE LOVED today, and for always. Love in its purest form, love coming from the eyes of a child, so innocent and genuine. Love that we wouldn’t regret giving. Just LOVE.

Kisses from my babies, Coco Marcus and Scarlett Astrid

All these photos beautifully taken by My Little Memories.
To book a shoot, message them via FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.
Free use of gowns and suits as well!
Location: Cubao | Thank you so much Mommy Jeana and Daddy Eco!
Watch out for their next theme! YAY!

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