Cocoon Studio x Momzilla | January 2020

These photos were beautifully taken by one of my favorite team of photographers, Cocoon Studio, during the Momzilla 2020 Kick Off Party.MOMZILLA_0133MOMZILLA_0131MOMZILLA_0130MOMZILLA_0140MOMZILLA_0144MOMZILLA_0160MOMZILLA_0168MOMZILLA_0170MOMZILLA_0171IG: @cocoonctudiophMOMZILLA_0198MOMZILLA_0244MOMZILLA_0246

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Momzilla 2020 Kick Off Party

It’s the new year and our Momzilla Family invited us over to a little preview and get together to jump start the year. The Momzilla Team has so much in store for us and it got us super overwhelmed but you know, we enjoyed it too much too.
We had to go up the 4th floor of the building, but we had to stop to every landing because they have a little surprise for us. We were given ready made arm candies, as well as a chance to DIY our own. They gave us personalized visors from Something Personal and to save us from being super tired because we climb until the 4th floor, a halo-halo bar from Bench Cafe PH welcomed us.
There are also 6 micro playrooms that were styled by Fun Nest, Milk Easy and Booboo Proof Play where kids can play and enjoy. But I guess, the highlight of them all, the most liked, is the ball pit room!
While the kids were so busy playing, the mommas spread love with a party at the roof deck of the venue. Food by Food Czar PH (Pound x Flatterie) and ice cream by Afters Manila. Styling by The Florist | TropicalePH.
MOMZILLA_0078MOMZILLA_0315IG: @cocoonctudiophMOMZILLA_0251MOMZILLA_0700
Twas an afternoon of meaningful conversations and great company, where we mommas got to chill and rest even for a few hours, even if we have some of our kids in tow. Here are some photos I had with my friends.
MOMZILLA_0127MOMZILLA_0196MOMZILLA_0258IG: @cocoonctudiophIG: @cocoonctudiophMOMZILLA_0126MOMZILLA_0173MOMZILLA_0237
We had so much fun that we are excited for the upcoming Momzilla Fair, the 17th one and the very first one this year – it will be on February 1-2, 2020 at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent.
_Feb 1-2 Event Flier
You also get a chance to do a photo shoot and stick stickers at this photo area that they will again mount at the fair itself.
There’s so much to look forward to at the 17th Momzilla fair – informative talks, play areas, huge discounts from your favorite baby brands and to top it off, a chance to have you photo taken by Cocoon Studio PH!

Thank you Momzilla family for having us and See you over the weekend!

PS. All Photos beautifully taken by Cocoon Studio

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Adrenaline Rush Activated with Jurassic Adventure

Probably one of Coco’s favorite time during our Ilo-Ilo trip was when we chanced upon Jurassic Adventure, a pop up play place that is more focused on the agility, strength and balance of your child, which look like an obstacle course to me.

First, the kids are, of course, given helmets for their safety. They also have to wear their harness. The child will go around the perimeter of the play area through an obstacle course type exercise. 1) Seesaw-like 2) Hanging bridge 3) Rope walk

Then 4) Zipline is Coco’s favorite. He repeated it a couple of time. Good thing there wasn’t any line. There is also 2 kinds of wall climbing  – one with tubes and another with rocks. Coco tried both but he didn’t even make it half way. He was still hesitant in trying and is still kind of afraid with heights. How weird when he isn’t afraid to ride a roller coaster.

A 30 minute session is 150php. In that 30 minutes, Coco was able to go around the play area for 3 times, with 3 extra zip lines and trials with the wall climbing. I bet if there wasn’t other children also playing, he would get to go around more.

We loved Jurassic Adventure because it is unique from all other play places and I think, as a mom, the price is just right, considering he has 30 minutes to play. The activities are okay for me, since I rarely find something similar with this. Hygiene wise, they give the child alcohol before he can start playing. They assist but not totally assist the child the whole time, but when you call for assistance, they will be coming for you right then and there.

You can watch Coco play here:

Jurassic Adventure is located in G/F Festive Walk Ilo-ilo, Megaworld Ilo-Ilo Business Park (The staff says they also have this in Manila, MOA and I can’t remember the other place, I’ll try to remember it. Hope we can drop by MOA’s when we have time)

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Legánde, Inc Unleashes New Products as They Continue to Promote the Importance of Health and Wellness

January 18, 2020 – Luxent Hotel – Legánde, Inc marked another milestone in their history by unveiling a brand-new logo and tagline “Where infinite possibilities live” to usher a new year and decade with new products, compensation plan, and management team. Legánde, Inc is a fusion of two companies, Multipure Philippines and Pillars 5. Multipure Philippines is the authorized distributor of Multipure water systems of the United States of America while Pillars 5 is an all-natural nutrition and wellness company.
Legande New Logo
The event was held at Luxent Hotel and it was graced by family, friends, brand partners, entrepreneurs, media, and supporters of Legánde, Inc. The ballroom was filled to the brim, with everyone hanging off the edge of their seats, excited to witness and have first-hand dibs on the newest products and income opportunity that Legánde, Inc. has to offer.

President and CEO Ramon F. Garcia

President and CEO Ramon F. Garcia

Legánde, Inc. launched three new products that cater to health and wellness. They have the home essentials, health essentials, and beauty essentials. The home essentials include the Multipure Water Filtration Systems, the AquaDOME, AquaVERSA, and AquaMINI, that is backed by three certifications (ANSI 42 – Aesthetic effects; ANSI 53 – Health effects and ANSI 401 – emerging compounds and incidental contaminants) from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) which users can upgrade with a Legánde Pre-filter. Under the same category is the Multipure Aqua Shower that is marked by a Water Quality Seal. The health essentials include 100% pure essential oils, gourmet teas, and life enzyme. The beauty essentials consist of argan oil for the face, hair, and body.

Multipure is the premier manufacturer of high-quality drinking water systems in the United States of America and have been in business for 50 years. They are all about improving the quality of life. Multipure is the original developer of solid carbon block technology.

The gourmet teas being offered by Legánde is not just any tea. These teas are what purists call as the real thing. Legánde Inc. offers green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, and a fusion of green tea and jasmine flower tea. These are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant which is a shrub native to China and India. This contains unique antioxidants called polyphenols.

Essential oils are another addition to Legánde’s growing roster of products. This is an absolutely perfect addition because Legánde wants to provide its customers with a more positive lifestyle. Legánde’s essential oils come in three types: Mood Lifter, Stress and Pain Buster, and last but not least the Energy Booster.
Stress and Pain Buster 2
Mood Lifter contains Lemongrass, Grapefruit, and Frankincense. Stress and Pain Buster includes Tea Tree, Lavender, and Lemon. Energy Booster includes Rosemary, Peppermint, and Orange. Legánde’s essential oils can be used both topically and aromatically. It also comes in a sampler kit which comes with three 5ml bottles while the regular essential oils come in 15ml bottles.
Mood Lifter 2
Argan Oil is one of its most coveted beauty products so it makes sense that Legánde is offering this in 3 forms: Hair, Body, and Face. With its high Vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It is easily absorbed because it is non-greasy and non-irritating, making it a natural moisturizer.
Argan Oil 1
Lastly, they are also offering Life Enzyme which works better than most vitamins, herbal remedies, and supplements. Enzymes speed up blood circulation, digestion, detoxification, and healing which are all necessary for the body. Legánde’s Life Enzyme contains 150 all-natural whole fruits and vegetables as well as medicinal fungi and ancient Chinese herbs which underwent a 1-year fermentation process. This slows down aging and aids in the relief of digestive disorders and boosts energy.
Legánde’s launch was led by Ramon F. Garcia, President, and CEO of Legánde Inc. as well as Ramon Paolo Garcia Jr., Chief Operating Officer. With an impressive lineup of new products from Legánde, it is safe to say that Legánde is kicking off the year 2020 with a bang!

Ramon Paolo Garcia Jr, Ramon F. Garcia, and Atty Teodoro C. Pascua

Ramon Paolo Garcia Jr, Ramon F. Garcia and Atty. Teodoro Pascua

Ramon Garcia Sr. ended the night with this quote: “We grow because we invest. We invest in our members and staff development. We invest in new technology. We invest in new products. We invest in infrastructure to better our service. Now the result of caring, sharing, and investing is that we grow, we grow together, we grow our business together, and we grow together to realize our members’ dream at a sustainable level.

With Legánde, you can be healthy while being wealthy.


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Chicka Chicka Chicken House, Your new Daily Chicka!

Chicken is life for my family because of my picky boy, who wants almost nothing but chicken. That is why we were so excited to try out the new chicken house – Chicka Chicka Chicken House – the best grilled chicken in town, because you know.. CHICKEN!

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed by what seems like a hen house, with walls that are bright and happy, in blue, yellow and orange. Very modern. It feels welcoming, even if it is the first time that we visited Chicka. Not to mention being welcomed by the owner himself, Matthew Fong, whom I thought is a half Filipino, but no, he has no Fil blood.. only a Filipino heart, as he is married to a lovely Filipina. Chicka Chicka has been filling the bellies of the people around the area since October last year.

It actually looks perfect for small parties and get together, noh?

Matthew wanted Chicka Chicka to be like the next go-to chicken restaurant in our country. One that would make us want to eat there, even in daily basis, that even the ordinariest person would be able to afford.

They have a very simple menu that revolves around anything chicken. It’s not to difficult to choose what you’d want to eat since you just have few choices, here and there. Don’t get me wrong with this. Fewer choices for me meant that it is easier to decide, especially that this is a “fast food“. I don’t like a menu with many choices that makes it hard for me to choose, especially when I am already hungry. It is very easy to look at visually.
And look at the price. I just leave it at that. No need to elaborate, just look at the numbers and compare it to the pictures below. Every single cent will be worth it. I promise you. Nope, they don’t have unli rice. But their extra rice is at 9php, imagine that?!


It seems like a typical Pinoy fast food. Nope. It is so much more than that. It actually makes me crave for it at this moment. As you see, it has the same food you see in other restaurants. But nope, it’s the chicken that makes it different. All kinds of chicken!

One of their Chicka Bowls – Chicka Pares – Rice topped with your favorite Pares, only the healthier version, because instead of beef, it’s chicken.

One of their Chicka Bowls – Chicken Arroz Caldo – yes, looks ordinary. But it tastes extraordinary. What I can’t move on with this is the crispy chicken skin on it. One more round, will you please?

One of their Chicka Bowls – Fresh Chicken Salad – for those who wants to skip rice.

Chicka Wings, generous enough in size.

Chicka’n Rolls – Nope, it’s not you good ole fried veggie lumpia. It’s chicken you guys! Not only that, it also has cheese in it. CHEESE, GUYS! I instantly got addicted to it. I SWEAR you have to get an order of this rolls. Scratch that, You have to get more of these. Nakakabitin ito, PROMISE! This is actually my favorite.

The star of Chicka Chicka is, of course, their grilled chicken. This is the C1 set (1/4 Chicken + White rice + soup). I love how it was perfectly grilled that it isn’t dry. It is juicy and has its distinct flavor of its own. Like, you’ll know it’s from Chicka (same as you’ll know that Chicken Joy is to Jollibee when your eyes are closed). I can’t really explain its very taste, you’ll just have to try it yourself. You can have sides for add on and I was able to taste the macaroni salad and creamy corn, and boy, I’m just speechless. I was also able to try their Chilli Chilli sauce, it is sooooo spicy. Water can’t wash its after taste. I had to take a sip of Pepsi (when I don’t drink soda anymore). And Garlic Pepper sauce, I’ve always love this flavor, it taste good with the grilled chicken. But I think there’s something missing, like it could have taste even better.

Trivia: Their chicken came straight from their very own chicken farm, assuring its customers of freshness. Quality guys, Quality!

Aside from their bundles, they also have bulk orders and party trays available. You’ll just have to order before hand.

Currently, they have this BOGO promo. When you order 1 whole chicken worth 350php via Grabfood, you get another 1 whole chicken! Imagine that!

Please note that Grabfood orders only apply to areas within its 3km radius.

Yes. It is Coco approved. He rarely eats chicken which isn’t fried but he loved his Chickas. I was surprised he finished his food. For those coming in with kids, especially those the picky type, no fret! Chicka has something for your child – the grilled chicken! Kids would love it too as much as like we do.

You’ll be missing half of your life if you don’t drop by and try Chicka Chicka! I swear, it will be your next favorite chicken place.

Opens from Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM – 12 MN 

G/F Robinsons Zeta Tower, Bridgetown, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Quezon City
Facebook and Instagram

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KidZania Manila | January 2020

It’s been a while since we last visited KidZania Manila. I mean, we always had plans but it always doesn’t push through. Anyway, since it just the start of the year and my calendar isn’t that full yet. We finally had time when we got slots from St. Luke’s Global City. It’s their 10th year anniversary and what better way to celebrate it is by bringing in together the babies that were born since they opened in 2010. What a reunion, right?

We are so excited because we haven’t been to KZM since April 2018 and that time, Coco still doesn’t know how to read yet, nor he couldn’t get a drivers license because he was still 5 years old then. It’s exciting now since he can do most jobs now. Dropping what He did in this session. By the way, he was the one who chose what he wanted to do, I think it was according to his likes these days.

1. Dentist – Because he just lose a tooth

2. Painter – Because he loves to paint

3. Ice Cream Factory Worker – Because who doesn’t want ice cream. He was so excited with his Magnolia Chocolate Ice Cream

4. Hotelier (Catering) – Just because he want to fix the table setting

5. O-Shopping Host – boooy, he really want to host Haha

6. Getting his Driver’s License – He was super excited because the last time we went here he is still not allowed to do the activity because he was just 5 years old then. I knew how he drives, kaskaserong bata ito! He beat the red light and bump the sidewalk when he parked the car.

7. Top 3 Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant – Anak, will you fulfill my dream job? Well, I didn’t have to push it to him. Since he loves flying, it is easy for him to also fall in love with this job. I can dream naman? haha

8. Top 2 TV Patrol News Anchor/Ronda Patroller – He loves the camera but I don’t know if he’d love to do this. I just asked him if he wanted to. He didn’t hesitate and he was so excited. Little did I know this would now be part of his What I want to be when I grow up list. I can see he was tense but I know he loved it because he just can’t stop talking about it.

9. Top 1 Musician – No other job has replaced this yet. Music is life for him. Manang mana sa mga pinagmanahan niya.

10. Opening his BPI Bank Account – Up until now, we hadn’t had time to open it so it just happened as he also carried his money that we’ve been saving in a pouch from since KidZania opened in 2015.

BUT in reality, of all the jobs he want to have when he grows up, he wanted to become a KidZania Zupervisor. He says because he always want to teach kids so that they will also know what they want to be when they grow up. How cute!
This is it for today and we are looking forward to our next KidZania Adventure, hopefully it doesn’t take us another year to come back this time. Kai pals!

Thank you again, St. Luke’s Global City and KidZania Manila. Watch my youtube video for snippets:

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I’m All for #TeamWeird | Spies In Disguise

Spies in Disguise is opening up 2020 at the theaters for the kids and kids at heart. This film is a must see by everybody, watch it best with your family. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I laughed so hard for a children’s flick. It is hilarious and one that tugged my heart, so much for the teeny tears that I had in my eyes both from the feels and laughter. Definitely a movie with a heart, not just pure fun and mischief.

As a parent, I’ve always knew that we are always the first supporters, cheerleaders and no. 1 fans of our children. It is us who would discover their capabilities and it us who will help them hone their skills. We are the ones pushing them when they think they can not do it and we know they can. We are their first believers. We are the ones who will build their self esteem. We are the ones who should make them feel secured and we are the one who will build their confidence. That they can do it. That they can make it. That one day they will be successful. That one day, they will change the world. Because if not, who will?

That is why I can totally relate with Spies in Disguise. I see myself as Little Walter’s mom, supporting him in all of that he is, in all of his weird ways. Throughout the film, we will see how Walter grows up. He is still weird with all of his inventions. He embraced his weirdness, because his mother loves him the way he is, telling him “What’s wrong with weird?….. The world needs weird!” His mother always got his back and that’s what he is holding on to, even if she’s been gone. He is very confident with himself, that he doesn’t need to fight fire with fire but he can save the world with a hug and glitters.

How we are to our children, is what they will be when they will become when they grow up.
It is up to us. I suddenly remember what people say when someone is a meany – “hindi siya siguro mahal ng mommy niya” (maybe his mom doesn’t love him) – and we don’t want to fight with fire, but just ignore them. It is our love that fills their heart of all the goodness that it can contain.


Thank you so much, 20th Century Fox for having us!

Well, we would all know the ending. They were able to save the world. Not really the spoiler type, right? I loved it so much because it felt like they were saying that there could be a Spies In Disguise 2. Could there be? I want more weird, the world needs more weird!

About Spies In Disguise

Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is … not. But when events take an unexpected turn, this unlikely duo are forced to team up for the ultimate mission that will require an almost impossible disguise – transforming Lance into the brave, fierce, majestic… pigeon. Walter and Lance suddenly have to work as a team, or the whole world is in peril.

“Spies in Disguise” flies into Philippine theaters this January 22, 2020.

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Better Tea, Better Me, It’s time for TeaMi!

Shout out to ya’ll milk tea lovers from the North! Solid new and pretty hangout place for one and all, TeaMi has just opened their new branch at SM North EDSA!

The truth is, I had a hard time choosing my flavor, but I didn’t go wrong with my Creamy Cake TeaMi Tea Latte (Php105) and of course, my mango monster, Coco had his taste of Mango DirTea.

They have an extensive menu to choose from and looks like most of it is a total best seller! In photo is the Strawberry DirTea (Php120)and Brown Sugar Pearls Oreo Milk (Php120).

Perfect place to chill and play board games with your family and friends. Here we are taking a sip while playing our fave Monopoly game!
The place itself has such a light and cool vibe. It has a dainty and sweet feels that is so Instagrammable. Not to mention its perfect lighting.

So what are you waiting for! Head over to the Upper Ground Floor SM North Edsa The Annex for your dose of TeaMi Milk Tea!

TeaMi Milk Tea
Facebook | Instagram
Other branches:
University Mall, Taft Avenue
2/F League One Southgate Mall (Alphaland)

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#LoveAtFirstWipe with Pampers’ NEW BABY WIPES!


YES! You heard it first from here.. Pampers, our well loved and trusted nappy for our little ones, now has a new product line, which is the BABY WIPES! Few days before Christmas last year, we were invited by the Pampers Team for a thanksgiving get together and was also actually a soft launch of their new product and I was lucky and honored to be part of the party that they chose introduce their new baby wipes. I’m so happy because even though Coco is almost 7 years old, the most important baby essential in our bag is a pack of baby wipes.

All these years of mommy-ing Coco and using wipes, I didn’t have a go-to brand. I just buy what ever that is available in the supermarket, in the drugstore, or in the convenience stores. I usually just buy the cheapest one I see. I didn’t have a concept of what’s best for him in this department. Sorry! Haha! As long as it cleans what ever it needs to cleaned – his sticky hands, his dirty face, and his smelly bumbum. Don’t get me wrong. There may be brands that I don’t buy again because I actually didn’t like them and most likely it didn’t do its proper work for me.

And actually meeting Pampers Sensitive Wipes is #LoveAtFirstWipe. I’ve never felt a wipe so soft and smooth as it touches my skin. It felt like damping cotton wool fabric on my skin. If I loved it, what more for our child.
Pampers Sensitive Wipes is paraben-free, alcohol-free (without ethanol or drying alcohol) and phenoxyethanol free. It is also PH-balanced and clinically tested to be safe for babies. To top it off, it is ultra soft and strong that it does not tear easily.

Let’s watch my not so-short review here to learn more and even see more of the new Pampers Sensitive Wipes and be the judge if we actually #LoveAtFirstWipe.

One pack contains 56 Baby wipes with SRP Php139. There is also 112 Baby wipes (2 packs of 56s in 1 pack) for SRP Php269.

Thank you Pampers for thinking of us – the mommas – in finding ways to help us in caring for our little ones in the most easiest, fastest and gentlest way possible. Pampers is will always be here to help us, diaper at a time!

Sharing also photos from the get together last December.


Sisters Nicole (@allaroundmomm) and Mommy P (@mommypehpot) and Ruth (@mommyruthph)


Tin (@kristinebernadettetan), Angel (@mrsenerodiaries) and my mars Janelle (@janellestrelon)


Pampers Mombassadors with Pampers Team


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I MELT with you, Melt Grilled Cheesery

Because cheese makes me happy. I tried Melt Grilled Cheesery‘s Classic Melt, which I learned is the 3rd Best Grilled Cheese in Asia and Number 1 in the Philippines. Woah!

It is huge. I may not even be able to finish it by myself orrrrr not. I MAY have actually, if it weren’t for my mom and sister who were with me. XD I totally loved the spiced honey or creamy tomato sauce that came with it but what I really digged was BOTH honey and tomato together, as I took a bite of a slice of this little (or big) euphoria in a wooden plate. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE, the mozarella and cheddar cheese blend. Oh! I can’t even explain it well. You just have to taste it. Not to mention the kamote chips at the bottom of all. Classic Melt is only Php295. Would you believe?

I can’t wait to devour on the goodness of this again. Did I tell you how much I loved it, as in I totally forgot my name sa sarap and I could eat this everyday levels?


Thank you so much, MELT!

Melt Grilled Cheesery
6/F East Wing, EDSA Shangri-la Mall
3/F Uptown Place Mall, BGC
Instagram | Facebook

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