It’s almost over now, I’m seeing you soon baby

9 months has passed by so quickly. 38 weeks to be exact. Days and days of waiting. Tomorrow, I will be induced. And finally gonna meet my little Coco. Oh how I will miss everything about this pregnancy. I will miss the stress it gave me, the pain, the joy and all the perks. During... Continue Reading →

Early Labor Pains and Endless Thoughts

I didn't have a perfect pregnancy. I experienced intense morning (and evening) sickness, vomiting like there's no tomorrow, threatened miscarriage, monthly pimples (but thank God it was gone by my 6th month), resignation from work, separation anxiety after I got married, bed rest, a little high blood sugar levels, threatened pre-term labor, confinement due to... Continue Reading →


So, I learned this new pregnancy related term today - Nesting. It is what they say a pre-labor ritual when the mother prepares her "nest" for the coming of her soon-to-arrive baby. In short, "baby readying" your home. As far as I can remember, I've been "baby readying" my room for the past few months.... Continue Reading →

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