So, I learned this new pregnancy related term today – Nesting. It is what they say a pre-labor ritual when the mother prepares her “nest” for the coming of her soon-to-arrive baby. In short, “baby readying” your home.

As far as I can remember, I’ve been “baby readying” my room for the past few months. I just don’t finish them because I’m lazy and I’m busy with other things. I’ve been cleaning my room to remove unnecessary things and trash that I won’t be needing for now, or I won’t be needing anymore. I’ve been cleaning my room to accommodate Jhelo’s stuff as well, since we will be staying here when I give birth.

Also, since we still don’t have our own place, I am just “baby readying” my room to make way for his things.

But I think, since the end of January, I started to “think” of baby’s arrival. Even though I started cleaning my room for a long time already, I think it is just then that I started to really think of his coming. Since, just then that I started to finally “let go” of things that I don’t want to give up yet I finally did. I think, this was when the “nesting instincts” hit me.

We gave away our drum set since we don’t have space for it at the moment. We also don’t have a budget to complete the whole set since we are more focused on other stuff. Even before we got married, instead of completing it, we bought a car. We just focused on the need versus the want.

I removed all the picture frames from my table top under the bunk bed. It will house baby’s things that needs to be “grabbed” easily like baby powder, baby bottles, etc.

My former book shelf will be baby’s cabinet (which is right beside the table top). The books are now housed in one of my cabinet’s shelves.

Currently in the process of fixing my photo album/DVD/magazine shelf. Threw a lot of papers that I don’t need anymore. As well as giving away all the magazines I have collected for the past 14 years of my life. Yes, and that includes all my Anne Curtis magazines. I finally found a place where it will be donated, thanks to my Tita Yna. Those are precious to me. Imagine how much it will also cost if you add them up now. I just don’t want them to be thrown away or be sold to the dyaryo/bakal/bote boy.

The toys/dolls are already in the box. Baby won’t need them yet. Also, most of them are girly dolls. The gifts from our wedding are already on the top most part of my cabinet. I just need to have Jhe place the last batch of boxes in there too.

The cloth cover of baby’s cabinet is ready. I just need to have them washed first. All of baby’s clothes are scheduled for laundry this coming week.

Bunk bed should contain nothing by next week. No more boxes, paper bags and what nots. So there will be no dust. I don’t want baby to be asthmatic. The crib should be assembled by the end of February as well.

Before February ends, Jhe and I will do some grocery shopping for food and toiletries that we (and baby) will be needing. As well as finalize the list and shop for baby’s things (for those that we weren’t able to buy at the baby fair).

I can’t think of other things that I need to prepare for my room now. But I’m sure there will still be more as day goes by. I always find something to “clean up” even after I’ve already “cleaned up”.

So I suggest, once the “nesting instincts” hit you, make the most out of it. Don’t dilly dally around. Work while you still can. You’d never know when you start having back aches or leg cramps that you can’t barely move. You’ll never know when baby arrives, right?


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