The Call of The Wild, Listen!

Buck's story is based on a Classic American Literature - Jack London's legendary adventure, Call of the Wild and it will definitely give us a cinematic experience of a lifetime, with Harrison Ford as its lead. Twentieth Century Fox vividly brings to screen the story of Buck, a very huge big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic... Continue Reading →

Oh! Silly Old Bear!

The movie, Christopher Robin takes us back to our childhood, the "friends" we had made and the adventures we took. "I'm lost" "But I found you." Pooh, who suddenly appeared in front of the lost Christopher Robin, whom has already forgotten all about his past as he has already grown up with more "important things"... Continue Reading →

Throwback Today

Throwback Today, a Cinema One Originals 2017 entry, is having a re-run via Cine Lokal. It is about Primo, a man who looks back at his life with so much regret. But due to a technical glitch, he gets a chance to re-write history (synopsis from TBT Facebook). We watched this last year during its... Continue Reading →

Bar Boys

Never akong nag-kainterest sa Law. Ayoko ng mahirap na magkakabisado, ayoko ng board exams. Ayoko pahirapan sarili ko. Hindi ako makarelate sa laman ng pelikulang ito kasi wala naman akong background sa law (except sa konting business law, na isa sa mga subject ko ng college). Wala ding malapit sakin na nagla-law para maintindihan ko... Continue Reading →

Movie: Sing

It's a gamble for me when I finally decided to let Coco watch the newest kiddie film, Illumination Entertainment's Sing. I'm kind of not at ease with the movies that they produce. I am not really a Despicable Me-slash-Minion films fan. As the matter of fact, I hated the movies so much. Don't get me... Continue Reading →

Movie: Waffle Street

It actually took me a long time before I decided to watch James Lafferty's film, Waffle Street because I still hasn't moved on from One Tree Hill. I can't imagine any OTH cast specifically James in any other roles. I can't imagine James with not with Joy. It's always Nathan and Haley. For me, they... Continue Reading →

Diablo Schedule and Teaser

Directed by Mes De Guzman Stars: Ama Quiambao, Carlo Aquino, Arnold Reyes, Althea Vega, Roeder Camañag Cinemalaya Entry Teasers July 21: 11:00AM – GB-5 /3:30PM – LT July 22: 12:45PM – MT July 23: 4:00PM – TRI / 9:00PM – MKP July 24: 4:00PM – GB-3 / 9:00PM – THB July 25: 6:30PM – TRI... Continue Reading →

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