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Play and Learn with 4D Gummy

Coco loves to play and I have always encourage him to play, never mind the mess that comes with it. In a world where technology has been a huge part of our life, of our kids’ life, I am happy … Continue reading

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Quarantine Thoughts: Playtime Regrets. | LoveInTheTimeOfCorona

Coco told me yesterday that he misses going out. I told him I miss going out too. Then I suddenly had this guilt feeling because I know in my heart that I didn’t give him the best outdoor play that … Continue reading

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2020 Covid19 Time Capsule Sheets

Download it here 2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets Disclaimer: I did not make this. I just found this circulating online. EDIT: APRIL 9, 2020 I found who the owner of this digital sheets are it is owned by LONG Creations. … Continue reading

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Google 3D Animals

To use the feature, you’ll need to google an animal, for example: ‘giant panda’. Just underneath the image search results and the Wikipedia description of the panda, you’ll be able to see a little box that says, “Meet a life-sized … Continue reading

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Spread the Rainbow | LoveInTheTimeOfCorona

In New York, moms started posting rainbows in their windows from their homes. It is said to spread hope to their neighbors and feel connected with humanity as we fight Covid19 together. I also remembered Noah’s Ark – they were in a huge ark for 40 days … Continue reading

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The Birthday Eve Tradition

Take a photo of your child the night before he turns a year old. It has been my yearly tradition to take Coco Marcus‘ picture as he sleeps the eve of his birthday. Tipong last look ko sa kanya, because … Continue reading

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Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid: ang Bagong Baby in the House

Sharing with you all din ang good news! Isang patak kaya ang isang katutak din for our children’s bottles and meal time stuff! Our most trusted brand for dishwashing, Joy Dishwashing Liquid now has the new Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid, … Continue reading

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Learn About Healthy Habits and Proper Hygiene with The Frooteam powered by Frootees

One of Coco’s favorite snacks is Rebisco FROOTEES, these are fruit-jam filled shortcake that is FROOTEE-fied with Vitamin C and Zinc, plus other nutrients to keep our kids strong and healthy. Definitely an immune system builder. Its flavors are strawberry, … Continue reading

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#FuelTheFuture Mossimo Kids x Likhang Bata T-shirt Design Contest 2020

Coco Marcus has been enjoying painting and drawing lately and he has posted them all on our wall. I’m amazed with his imagination and his memory when he draws logos of brands and other trademarked pictures. With that, I’m so … Continue reading

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The NEW Kids Happy Time

Around the second half of 2019, KIDSHAPPYTIME had a major revamp of their indoor playground, from a normal play place, it became a digital and virtual playground, which is very apt to what kids these days are into. You can … Continue reading

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