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Potato Stamps Project

Make your child busy today by doing this very easy and fun project that we just did – Potato Stamping! Things you need: Potatoes, Paint, Paint Brush, Knife, Pen, Paper PS: This is for those who don’t have cookie cutters. … Continue reading

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The M&M’s Rainbow Experiment

One perfect simple science and math activity for your kids to do this summer is the M&Ms Rainbow Experiment. Such a fun twist to teach numbers, colors, shapes and patterns. There is actually more to it, because it is science, … Continue reading

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Spread the Rainbow | LoveInTheTimeOfCorona

In New York, moms started posting rainbows in their windows from their homes. It is said to spread hope to their neighbors and feel connected with humanity as we fight Covid19 together. I also remembered Noah’s Ark – they were in a huge ark for 40 days … Continue reading

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