Mother’s Day Crafting: Hail Queen Mother!

I’ve been watching the Netflix series about the Royal family and on Mother’s Day, I realized how every MOM deserves to be treated like royalty on this special day for moms. So for Cray Time PH‘s Mother’s Day bonding, I curated a couple of activities that you and your child will enjoy.
MothersDay CrayTimePH (4)

MAKE A CROWN FOR MOM. Because every mom deserves a crown and you can easily do it with pipe cleaners and pom-poms without a frown. The materials that you need to make your mom crown are pipe cleaners and pom-poms plus instant glue.
MothersDay CrayTimePH (1)

Braid the pipe cleaners to form a base.
Bend the pipe cleaners into the shape of the letters M-O-M.
Wrap the letters’ ends around the base.
Embellish with pom-poms.
MothersDay CrayTimePH (3)

FRAME YOUR MEMORIES. Cherish your special memories by making a DIY photo frame for mom. The materials that you need to make your frame are popsicle sticks, wood glue and any embellishment that is available.
MothersDay CrayTimePH (2)

Depends on the size of your photo, make a base by gluing the popsicle sticks together.
You can add another later to the base to glue the string for hanging in between.
Place the photo on top of the base and make another layer of popsicle sticks to form a frame.
Glue it on top of the photo and design it accordingly.
MothersDay CrayTimePH (9)

How well do you know Mommy? Here’s a little questionnaire about you that your kids can answer. Let me know the most hilarious answer that your child gave you, okay? I laughed when I read that my best feature is my smell. HAHA! You can download the file HERE.
MothersDay CrayTimePH (8)

You can get this Mother’s Day Kit at Cray Time PH for only Php250 plus delivery. Order now, LIMITED PIECES ONLY!
MothersDay CrayTimePH (7)

You can watch this video for instructions


  1. These are awesome! I love crafting and it is a perfect bonding activity. That picture frame decorated with buttons looks lovely.


  2. Hi Margaux, belated happy mother’s day (I wish I read this sooner). 😉
    WAAAHHH!!! ANG SUPER CUTE!!!! I wish I knew about Cray Time PH I would love to get these for my sisters (mga mommies na addict sa DIY projects) lalo na yung crown na may MOM. Does it come in different colors?

    PS: Every time nakikita ko pictures ni Coco bakit parang paiba iba as in ANG BILIS nya mag grow! Cuteness overload! ❤️


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