Postal ID 2016

My mom who works at Asian Development Bank received an e-mail from one of their departments that they will be assisting in the application for the new Postal ID Card. They opened the application for the PID last July for all employees, as well as their dependents and house help. Here's a portion of the... Continue Reading →

Halalan 2013

I wouldn't miss this opportunity to move for CHANGE in our country. I voted. I voted, wisely. After an hour in line, I met the PCOS machine, and then my votes has been counted. I only voted for 7 out of 12 Senators. (EDIT: and out of 7, only 3 were able to win a... Continue Reading →


Someone from our barangay informed us that we can already get our Voter's ID. For who live in Brgy. Sta. Lucia (District 2), you can get your IDs during Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Pasig City Hall. Grabe ano, it took 3 years before they released this? It wasn't even a hard card like an... Continue Reading →

Halalan 2010

Today's THE DAY.. Pilipinas' Judgement Day. Time to cast those votes for good of our next 6 years. Until I slept last night, I still don't know whom to vote. I was very vocal about my support for NOY-MAR last year. But since today was approaching I was having second thoughts. I also wanted to... Continue Reading →

Misa De Gallo

Today's the start of Simbang Gabi. I actually just got home from our chapel (and the lugawan). Since I was younger, I've always attended the masses and was part of the choir. But since college, I've stopped completing them, I became aloof, and did not bother since I've got no one to go with. I... Continue Reading →

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