How to Renew US Visa in the Philippines

It’s now my time to renew my US Visa as it expired this January. Last year, I learned about the drop box option. I was so confident that I will be able to renew easily without nervousness because I was supposedly qualified, but then when I checked the list when I was about to fix my application, they added this criteria for eligibility – My name, date of birth and gender on my last B1/B2 visa do not need to be changed or corrected. I was so devastated because I won’t be able to use Drop box. My recently expired 10-year US Visa was still my maiden name. But anyway, I had to undergo with the normal interview process.

To check how to renew your US Visa it is similar with the steps made when I applied for my son. All you have to do is follow the steps in this website. You can browse the US Visa blog here as well.

I did almost all the same steps. The difference is that, my Mom who is also renewing together with my brother, made a family/group account which included me as well. I thought because I am already married, it wasn’t possible anymore. From that certain blog post about my son’s Visa application, what will only differ is the Step number 9. Instead of booking a solo appointment, my mother chose to book a group appointment. From there, she was the main applicant and she added me and my brother.

We scheduled our interview on February 8, 2019; 7:30AM.

Appointment date came. We were at the US Embassy by 7:20AM. But the outside entrance signage says that at that moment, they were already assisting those with appointments at 8:45AM. We then fell in line in the lane that checks the appointment form. We entered and went to the pavilion and we proceeded to Gate 2.

It tooks 20 minutes for us to arrive Step 1 (Pre-screening) window. It took us a while here because the US Embassy staff was quite confused of our surnames. All of us had to re-take our US Visa picture, as well, so we went to the pavilion area again. It took 5 minutes to take our pictures, as there is no line. But it took 40 minutes before they were able to release our pictures. That was what took most of our time.

We then went back to Step 1 window. We didn’t have to fall in line anymore since ours was already checked. We just have to go back to the window who assisted us. We then proceeded to Step 2 window, finger printing station and was asked to line up for the “judgement window”. It took us around 30 minutes before our turn. During those times, I was so nervous, as many were also denied, when you look at their faces after their interview. But what actually lessen my nervousness was knowing that I will be with my mom and brother for the interview, as they assisted us all together in the other windows.

It was a less than 10 minute interview. When it was our turn, my mom was standing between me and my brother. The conversation went on like this.

US Embassy Officer: Good Morning!
Us: Good Morning!
USEO: How are you related?
Margaux/Denzel: She’s our mom
USEO: Where do you plan to go?
Mom: California
USEO: Purpose of travelMom: Tourism, family visit and for his medical reasons
USEO: All of you have been to US?
US: Yes
USEO: Longest stay in the US?
Mom: 4 weeks
Me: I think around, 6 weeks
Mom: Hindi, ilan nga ba..
*we were discussing*
USEO: It’s okay. It’s okay. *Closed our passports* Congratulations
Us: Thank you so much.

VISA APPROVED. I couldn’t really contain my happiness then because I can finally go back to mkhrusvisaUS. 4 days after our US Visa interview, it has arrived. My new 10 year visa with my married name on it.

So, what’s different from this post of mine to all other “how to apply a US Visa post?” It’s totally the same with others except for the conversations, right?

Possible, it is my profile, so I am sharing it with you here, for anyone who is also looking for answers like me before.

1. I’m renewing for my 4th US Visa. All my 3 US Visas were all Multiple entry types – 1st VISA was 4 years, 2nd VISA was 5 years, 3rd Visa was 10 years.
2. I have been to the US for 3 years already.
3. I never overstayed – 6 weeks max
4. I was still in College on my last US Visa, hence it was in my maiden name.
5. I am now married and have a child, with a 10 year multiple US Visa, expiring in 2027.
6. My husband has no US Visa, has never applied as well. He has a regular job.
7. I’m currently 32 years old.
8. I had international travels.
9. I am a housewife – slash – stay at home mom.
10. I have no assets. No car or house under mine or my husband’s name.
11. I only have my husband’s certificate of employment, my bank statement and my son’s certificate of enrollment prepared, as extra documents.
12. My only source of income is my online shop. No business documents.
13. Declared in my US Visa application, that I have relatives living in the US.
14. Also declared in the US Visa application, that I have my father, whom I don’t know the status in the US, is and still living in the US.
15. It also helped that I was “bundled” with my mom and brother whom has a more important reason to visit – my brother’s long overdue visit to his specialized doctors. This one is a lucky card. I’m not really sure if they always allow. But thankfully, I was allowed to join them.

So here, I hope I will be able to help others with similar profile as mine. Good luck on your US Visa interview. I will be praying for you. Let me know if you got yours okay?



  1. 2 of my siblings just left for US this year and I wish to be able to visit them together with my mom. Thanks for sharing this! 💗


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