Experience a Magical Easter at The Manila Hotel

Easter is a time to celebrate with your family, friends and little ones. With its elegant combination of tradition, glamor and unparalleled service, The Manila Hotel is the perfect venue for making joyous memories this season. The hotel has created a range of fun, family-friendly activities that will make this year’s Easter an unforgettable experience.... Continue Reading →

HKTales: Hotel, Transpo, ETC

AIRFARE: We got our tickets via Philippine Airlines last March for our May trip. When booking with a child, travel tax isn't included in the final total. So you'll have to prepare Php1620 and Php810 for adult and child fee. HOTEL: We stayed Harbour Plaza Resort City so as to be close to my sister's... Continue Reading →

HKTales: Food Trip

I'm no food blogger, I just want to share the the GREAT FOOD, for me, that we ate at in HK! Kam Wah Cafe is popular with their polo bun, egg tarts and milk tea. It took us a while before we found their place because the sign is in Chinese Characters, and their store... Continue Reading →

HKTales: Tsim Sha Tsui

It's my first time to be left "alone" in a different country. Left alone meaning, I have to navigate on my own just to be able to go to different places. Yes, I have my sister in the same place as I am, but she wasn't near me since she has work. My family has... Continue Reading →

HKTales: Toy Street

What brought me here in Toy Street was a die cast train toy Coco saw in The Peak Tram that's worth almost HK$200, which I think is toooo expensive. We looked for where in HK they specializes in toys and school supplies and found this place they call "Toy Street". It is around Fuk Wing,... Continue Reading →

HKTales: Super Park

One of the places you can bring your kids to in Hong Kong is SuperPark. SPR PRK, which opened last December 2017, is an all-in-one indoor activity park; it originated in Finland. It's bringing vibrancy to HK's entertainment scene for kids and kids-at-heart. YES! Even us adults can PLAY all we want! There are 3... Continue Reading →

HKTales: Around the City

After we went to Kowloon to have brunch in Kam Wah Cafe, we decided to tour the city. But of course, the number one tourist spot that we must go to is to The Peak Tram. But before we reached Garden Road, Central, where it is located. We kind of got lost when we came... Continue Reading →

HKTales: The Peak

One experience you shouldn’t miss when you are in HK is riding The Peak Tram. It is one of the most popular and the oldest funicular railways and it rises around 1,300 ft above sea level, giving you the ultimate view of Hong Kong from the top. There is also shopping and dining in The... Continue Reading →

Disneyland 1991

Found these scanned pics of my first time at THE Disneyland in Anaheim back in 1991, when I was 5 years old. Of course, I don't really remember anything - except meeting those who are in the pictures, riding the Dumbo ride, buying a baby mickey mouse stuff toy, going there with my ates and... Continue Reading →

Privato Staycation

Tito Vic gifted Coco with a staycation at Privato Hotel. So, we had an impromptu overnight together with Mama and a visit with my high school best friends, Aimee and Seska. Since I am rarely around the area, I am not familiar with this hotel, hence I also never knew how new it is (opened... Continue Reading →

Laidback Boracay

It's been a while, my dear home.. I missed you so much.. Imagine, the last time we were here was when Coco was 6 months old (and turned 7 months while on the island)? We're back exactly 4 years after. Coco and I was still in San Francisco when my friend, Carla invited us to... Continue Reading →

T minus 1

A wish I have will finally come true in 24 hours. I dream I had for the last 2 decades will finally become a reality. America, here we come, and here's my 4 year old, setting foot at your soil for the very first time! I can't wait for him to experience you and to... Continue Reading →

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