Feb-ibig 2017

"Love isn't about ridiculous little words. Love is about grand gestures. Love is about airplanes with love banners over stadiums and giant proposing words in the sky. Love is about going an extra mile even if it hurts. Letting it all hang out there. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't... Continue Reading →

Always & Forever :-)

I couldn't believe that it's just been a week that has passed since our wedding day. I've been really busy with all the wedding preparations and what nots that I've totally neglected my blog. Days came by so fast. I was working in TER then suddenly I resigned. Then, I had the first fitting of... Continue Reading →


Nag-uusap kami ni Jhe tungkol sa pagiging "good boy" niya. Dapat naman talaga diba, "good boy" sya, LOYAL siya palagi diba? Sabi ko sa kanya, "kung mangangaliwa ka, pag feel mong mangaliwa, sakin ka na lang mangaliwa." Sabi niya, "paano yun?" Sabi ko, "di ko alam, ikaw dyan magaling mambola ng chics eh!" Sabi niya,... Continue Reading →

The Lovebirds

So few of my friends know what just happened to Jhe and I last week. It was very hard to deal with and it left me kinda broken. Don't get me wrong, we're okay. It's just some external forces tried to destroy us. Yes, in a way I got really affected but I tried my... Continue Reading →

6 keys to a good relationship:

☑friendship (OVER!)☑freedom ( I guess.. haha!)☑honesty (too much!!)☑trust (hmmmmm hahahahaha oo!)☑understanding (always!)☑and communication (thank God!)That's how we have a great couple life :)You don't need to have a prince charming or a fairy tale story to get ur happily-ever-after. You just need to be happy with your life.I have the happiest life, a fairy tale... Continue Reading →


Haley: I told you; I got dressed, I threw up at my parent's house, brushed, flossed and went to the beach.Peyton: Ok, hard image to forget. Uh, but, I meant more like, uh, I don't know; how your heart got there. Marriage is big. I don't know how you trust somebody for your whole life.... Continue Reading →

Book: Para kay B

"...hindi mo puwedeng mahalin ang isang tao nang hindi mo minamahal ang hilaga, silangan, timog at kanluran ng kanyang mga paniniwala. Kapag nagmahal ka’y dapat mong tanggapin bawat letra ng kanyang birth certificate. Kasama na doon ang kanyang libag, utot at bad breath. Pero me limit. Pantay-pantay ang ibinibigay na karapatan sa lahat ng tao... Continue Reading →

Of A Star, Roses and keeping Love Day simple

Last year, Jhe and I's very first time to celebrate "a valentine's day celebration", was spent at Loreland Resort, an overnight swimming, at the same time, we also celebrated our 1st month back together. Talagang pinag gastusan namin ng bonggang bongga!This year is a little bit different. Turn tables. We almost didn't spend anything.If I... Continue Reading →

The Best Things in Life are Free

1. Sleeping in your own bed after you've been away.2. When you make someone elses day.3. Receiving a very long email from one of your closest friends.4. Listening to your favorite songs on repeat.5. When you arrive just as the train is pulling up.6. People who just 'get' you.7. Finding something you thought you had... Continue Reading →

For the Heart

Love cures people -- both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. There is no remedy for love but to love more. Ang ending lang naman eh, LOVE CONQUERS ALL..Love protects.Love defends.Love restores.Love empowers.Faith makes all things possible.Love makes them easy.

A Wedding Homily

Fr. Mario (officiating priest in rox-ton wedding) said in his homily,"Marriage is not about falling in love, but marriage is about sustaining that love" Just wanna share this to all the couples, married or not. Very striking isn't it?I really can't believe my mare is not only a mom now, but officially a wife!Congratulations, Elton... Continue Reading →

Send to UnliMargx at 09152219213

"If something was really important, fate made sure it somehow comes back to you, and gave you another chance. - that's me to him"Exactly a year ago, unexpectedly and to everyone's surprise, Angelo and I got back together.It all started with our closeness during Simbang Gabi.Our walang sawang texting magdamagan.Owel's birthday.Texting each other exactly the... Continue Reading →

2010's Last 24 hours

It's down to 2010's last 24 hours.. tick tock tick tock.. time's running out.. And right at the same time, I realized that I neglected my blog! That can't be!!!!! But then, I can't do anything about it, the year's almost over and I can't bring back the times that I should write about something... Continue Reading →

I prayed and asked for a sign..

And God gave me my "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." line. I was just praying during the homily and he instantly gave me the answer.I've already written 1 Corinthians 13: 4-13 here, So here's a poem about faith and hope that I stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

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