Today a Bride's Maid, Next time a Bride :-)

Yesterday was our good friends, Crist and Mitch’s wedding. The 3rd couple to be wed in our barkada (first was Christian and Maan in 2008, then Ken and Ana just last July this year).
Mitch and Cris
Everyone in our barkada was excited with it because most of them has a part. Erwin & Nica were the Cord Sponsor, JV  was a Candle Sponsor and Sandel was a groom’s man. JV, Ken and Jowell also gigged as the Wedding Singer. Jowell and I were added as groom’s man and bride’s maid as well, making that our second tandem in a wedding.
Cord Sponsor Nica and meSandel, Erwin, Jowell, Vhance and JV
Cord Sponsor Nica and meOwel and meOwel and Me
ladies entouragemen entourage
The church was at the Immaculate Conception/Pasig Cathedral.. (yes, the experience in walking down its very long aisle). The reception took place at Jade Palace in Shaw Blvd.
leading ladiesleading ladiesbuffalo negrosbuffalo negrosbuffalo negro tropa
My pink dress c/o Gozum; Chocolate brown necktie as belt c/o Robinson’s Department Store; White heels c/o Bocalo

As the reception was coming to a close, one of the much awaited wedding traditions were the bouquet and garter toss. It is said that the single lady who will catch the bouquet is then destined to be the next one to marry and live a long and happy life. The same goes to the garter toss for the single men.

And did you know who got the bouquet during our friends’ wedding? It is yours truly!

Funny how I really wanted to catch it but when it came, I’m already shy and just let destiny fall into place. I wasn’t even expecting to catch it because a taller lady was standing in front of me. Maybe destiny just conspired on us. When  I got the bouquet, our friends jeered on Jhe and cheering on him. That’s why in the garter toss, Jhe was the one who caught it because no one from the boys wanted to catch it. LOL.

So here, they were teasing us that we are the next couple to get married.

PS. Did you know that the garter has also been seen as a symbol of the bride’s virginity? Remember, as newly weds, this is the first garment that the bride is wearing that the groom will remove from her. The removal of the garter then symbolizes the loss of the bride’s virginity.

After party – without the newly weds- at Tides Grill and Bistro – which is also owned by the owner of Central BBQ Boy. I was curious kasi, that they have they same names with the cocktails and menu. I just had Red Horse because I have office early today and that’s better for me than drinking those cocktails which killed me when we celebrated Jhe’s birthday at Central last year. We had to go home early as well, since I have work pa.
buffalo negrosbuffalo negros
It was a fun fun celebration of LOVE with our childhood friends. DESPITE.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cristopher and Michelle Cruz! Have a happy lasting life together! Can’t wait for our inaanak! 😛



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