The WanderWoMom


I’ve been Wandering and Wondering all my life for its meaning and it is not until I had my heart walking outside my body when I finally realized the essence of my being. I’ve been almost everywhere when I was young, wild and free, but now it is time for me to conquer the world one tiny step at a time with My Little Boy in tow.

Thus, your WanderWoMom was born.
Wander – from Wanderlust, my strong desire and thirst for travel and adventure
Mom – My current name since March 26, 2013.
Wonderwoman – A Super Hero. Merged this with those 2 above.

I’ve always believed that when I write I should WRITE with PASSION and PURPOSE. And it has always been my aspiration to share with you my stories on how my #BoyMomLife is. Know more about my Mommahood stories, (mis)adventures and everything in between with cherry on top as I wander and wonder with Coco Marcus one plane ride at a time. Because you know, there’s something extra special about a bond between a mommy and her son. Cheers on the joys of being a #BoyMom!

This is MARGAUX.
In my 30’s and getting older every July 18th of the year.
Finally married to my Always & Forever, Luluyz.
Mother to my one and only, Marcus Angelo
Proud Alumni of St. Paul College, Pasig Batch 2004 and
Batch 2010 Thames (ESA) graduate – BS Entrepreneurship.
Full time Wife+Mom and Part time MOMpreneur – Lil Dudes Only est 2014.
Work At Home Mom too!

Photo by Cocoon Studio, 2020

Welcome to my MomVentures!

Let’s Connect!

I’m in the TOP 80 Philippines MOM BLOG of FEEDSPOT!! Thank you so much for including me!
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