The Lovebirds

So few of my friends know what just happened to Jhe and I last week. It was very hard to deal with and it left me kinda broken. Don’t get me wrong, we’re okay. It’s just some external forces tried to destroy us. Yes, in a way I got really affected but I tried my best to not let that affect us, well as long as he’s doing his job to protect me right?

Anyway, yesterday we bought a pair of lovebirds. They still haven’t got a name yet. The white one is a boy and the yellow one is a girl. They traveled from Divisoria to Pasig with us, we sneaked them in the LRT so we could arrive home fast since we’re pretty sure they’re already thirsty and hungry because of the heat. Along the way, we were thinking of what to name them, “B1 and B2”, “Beauty and Bobby” “Baba and Boy” hmmm.. We couldn’t decide yet.

When we got home, I left it at our lanai at the back of the house so that it could breathe fresh air. We went out to buy some bird seeds and borrow a bird cage from ate Cez, since we haven’t bought our own yet. When we got back 30 minutes after, I found the birds in their kawayan case at the floor (when it was hanged at our wall) and a cat trying to escape upon hearing human footsteps coming. I really let out a shriek and almost cried but I saw the white bird fluttering and the yellow bird still breathing so I guess they’re okay. So, I went back to our front porch where Jhe was fixing their temporary home with food, then we let them in the cage.

My ninang, Ma Am (ate Cez’s mom) where I got the bird cage told me that they could make our relationship stronger. I smiled. I guess so, these are our babies.

So we left them for a few hours and when we got back last night, we found them next to each other ohh so sweeeeet.. KINILIG kami infairness. I was so giddy that I run and got my camera to take a picture of the scene. We ate dinner beside them while we chat and again thought of their names. Then finally we saw the yellow bird eating! They haven’t eaten anything since we placed them in the cage so we were happy to see even only one of them eating.

Jhe said that the yellow bird is really like me, matakaw and lazy. hmpf. But I told him, at least the yellow bird’s sweet like me. We just watched them as they fly and eat and be sweet to each other till Jhe had to go home.

So, this morning, when I woke up I visited the birds. The yellow bird was balancing in the food container while the white bird was flying around. I talked to them and then I realized why the white bird’s a little dirty. I thought maybe he pooed. The sunlight was directed to them and I remembered Ate Cez’s bird died because of the heat. So I moved them where there’s less sunlight.

So from a different angle, I saw that there’s a red stuff in the yellow bird’s tummy. I panicked and called our helper to ask what was that. Until I again remembered I saw the same cat again by our gate when I went out of our porch. Grabeeeee… What did that cat do to my yellow bird. She’s alive but I’m scared that she’ll die. 😦 And how did that cat do that when it won’t fit in the cage. Nakakaiyak :((

I went up my room to text Jhe to call me up. But I saw his text that they’re on their way to some place where they could eat. He’s in Tagaytay with his parents and the kids to buy plants for their home. He also told me that he bought us a new pair of lovebirds (because he wasn’t kinda contented with these birds, kasi hindi daw masyado maganda at payat) that he wanted more.

Then there’s this thought that came into my mind. It’s like yellow bird is me and white bird is Jhe. We’re steady, happy and sweet. Then came a cat (which is the bitchessang ilusyonadang disgrasyadang frog) and tried to destroy us. She didn’t succeed but she left the girl wounded. Now, as I watch the birds, the white bird was beside the yellow bird and the yellow bird is I guess, staying strong, trying to fight for her life, fighting for their life together.

At least, it’s good to know that the BOY is at the GIRL’S SIDE, not just the good times but also the bad and that he’d protect her whenever, wherever and however.

these are Jhelo’s 1st babies and no other shithead could claim that her kid is his. because he doesn’t have one yet. and his first child will definitely be from no other than ME.

To date (July 15, 2011), Jhe bought another pair, soon after Mango died. The week after, Tatay (Jhe’s dad) bought another pair and another 1 to match the white bird and another one died again. 😦


  1. na miss tuloy nmin ni kenzo ung bird nya si kikikyuk………:( sana mangitlog kagad ninang bigay mo sakin ung baby para meron uli akong kikikyuk:)


  2. Dapat siguro turuan yung white bird na wag mang akit ng mga pusa,pra naman hindi plagi sugatan at duguan yung yellow bird.kulay pa nga lang ni yellow masigla na,maganda at masayang pg ang yellow nahaluan ng dugo, kaawa awa na itsura. Saka bka mwla pgka gorgeous ni yellow bird kc baka makalbo na ung parts na nasugatan dahil sa peklat. . . Oh noooo…


  3. Ate cez: awwww… mia pala pagpumunta na ulit dito ninong, balik na namin yung cage ni kikikyuk.. naka buy na siya ng cage. 2 pairs na sila! pero di ko pa nakikita yung isang pair. sana mabuhay yung yellow bird muna!! gumaling na yung sugat 😦 naiyak talaga ako kanina. basta pag mangitlog, bibigyan namin kayo!Jen: tama kasi baka mag sisi si white bird sa bandang huli, pag tuluyan ng mawala or mamatay na si yellow bird dahil sa sugat na nakamtan nito kc hindi na niya talaga kinaya. siya rin naman ang mawawalan, laking kawalan nito. sana masa puso niya na laking swerte niya kay yellow bird, napaka sweet kaya ni yellow bird, tsut tsut, kinikiss pa nun haha..


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