Working Girl

So here’s my third attempt to actually “WORK”.

1. I ended up with a supposedly cool company which I’ve known for my entire life already. It was in line with my interest: Travel and Beach. But the people in there wasn’t cool as you would have thought. They’re like robots and a power tripper. I’d go on, for my aunt’s name who used to be working there. But then, I couldn’t take it. Ganun na nga yung tao, ang layo layo pa. I gave up in 5 days (3 days of training, 1 half day for a Sat and 1 full Tuesday). I left my new green plate, bowl and utensils there. God. Ang mahal pa naman nun at ganda pa naman. 😦 I didn’t return that Wednesday.

2. That Wednesday, just for the sake of having a reason for leaving that company. I saw an ad from a call center with a non-voice account. I tried applying and was on training for a UK Mobile account that same night on a night shift and for the next 13 days excluding the rest days. I knew I wouldn’t be there for a long, so I took it day by day. Got 2 cut off’s for the salary which I actually used for my CEB-BHL Trip the following year (this happened December 2010). And I went on AWOL because if you’re still in training you can’t have absences, I got sick for a few consecutive days. And poof, that’s the last of it. Well, it’s fine, my mom hated this. Yes, I just played in here and I’m not serious with this, I just want to do something, I wanted to escape my other job, but I didn’t regret it, I had tons of fun their with the new friends I met and from the lessons we had.

3. Here I am now, in another call center company, NOT in an agent position but as a front desk associate. Here’s to my first day and hopefully will last more than what I am expecting of myself. 🙂


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