ShareHapPinas with Selecta Ice Cream

Did you know that in the recent Happiness Report from Selecta and UN, that 65% says that interaction with people during the lockdown changed their outlook of happiness while 66% of Filipinos say human connection made them happy. Maybe because of the sudden limited social interactions that we had during the lockdown, and the first time that we see them again, makes us realize that those moments actually brings us so much happiness. We realize that we really have to cherish all the moments that we have with the people that matters to our lives, pandemic or not. Sometimes it is the little things that we do or we give to the people that we love that brings them happiness, like sharing or buying them their favorite Selecta Ice Cream, that will surely create a feeling of joy.
Selecta Share Happiness
It’s the moments that we spend with the people that we love the most that gives us happiness. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, it is whom we share the moment with and whom you’d always want to #ShareHapPinas with.

We may not see each other now, nor talk often, these throwback pictures will always be a reminder that at that very moment, I was at my happiest with you, and I hope you did too. Isa ito sa mga kwento ko kay Coco these moments made my life colorful. Know that I am forever grateful of having you in my life.
#ShareHapPinas too by sending over a Selecta tub to your loved ones, you can still use the codes Happy 30 until today and Happy10 from July 19-31 via Grab App.



  1. We love Ice Cream, too, and Selecta is one of the usual purchases we have when we want a cold treat.

    P.S. I know how you feel about your child. I feel the same way about my boys.


  2. if there’s one thing I truly missed about the Philippines is the ice cream. Selecta and Magnolia are the leading ice cream brands that are really good! sadly, they’re not being sold here in our place. That’s the reason why I want to go back to Philippines!


  3. ICE CREAM! I got the kiddos some too, took advantage of the grab promo last week. They really enjoyed the ube flavor hahaha! The best talaga ang selecta, not just for ice cream but milk rin


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