Always & Forever :-)

I couldn’t believe that it’s just been a week that has passed since our wedding day. I’ve been really busy with all the wedding preparations and what nots that I’ve totally neglected my blog.

Days came by so fast. I was working in TER then suddenly I resigned. Then, I had the first fitting of my wedding gown. Then I was giving out invitations. We had our pre-nup shoot and did the souvenirs. I was stressed with the guest list and seating arrangement. I did our AVP. Mom really did most of the imporatant stuff, especially stressing out for me. She was really awesome.

In just a blink of an eye, it was the eve of our wedding day. Jhe even brought me to Discovery Suites that afternoon. We hang out in the evening and had breakfast in the morning of our wedding day. Whoever said that the bride and the groom can’t see each other before their wedding? :p

Then poof! I was crying while walking down MY AISLE as I saw my girl friends hand me roses, as my sister sings my bridal march, “From this Moment”. It was quite fast, the ceremony. But we really had a great time at the reception. I’m so happy to see all of our family and friends together, savoring the moment for us.

We’d like to thank our ever supportive families for all the help they gave us. To my maid of honor – my bestfriend, Aimee for helping me throughout the day and for the ala-Brooke Davis MoH Speech that made me cry so hard. To all of our entourage – the beautiful and handsome people of our life for accepting your part. To our godparents, for the wisdom and guidance that you will share with us. To all of our friends and family who came, thank you so much for your time.

I will never ever forget this day. It’s the beginning of our Always & Forever. To my forever love, now my husband, I love you. As I always say – always have. always will. always, all ways. Cheers!

Here’s a sneak peak, ENJOY!


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