What’s in a Name?

We finally know that baby is indeed a BOY. Now it’s time to decide what he’s gonna be called and our first born will be…

I’ve always wanted the boy’s name – Marcus. I find it very sosyal and boy na boy. I read that the name Marcus is of Latin origin which means, dedicated to Mars, the Roman God of Fertility” and is identified as well to Ares, the Greek God of War. It also means – Shining, Warlike.

But really, I chose Marcus for my first born’s first name because of how people pronounce my first name. Some people would pronounce Margaux as “Marcus, Margus, Marcos, Margos“. Before I get pissed off that I have to pronounce my name correctly. But then I realized that I could actually use it as my future son’s name since it is very much near my name.

I had a hard time thinking of my baby’s second name. I wanted it to start with letter A (same as his daddy’s). I wanted something unique too. I was thinking ahead of baby boy’s name even before the confirmation. I share it with the daddy but he doesn’t like those that I chose. The day I confirmed that my baby will be a boy, the daddy was out of town for work. I sent him a text message and he just replied, “He will be called, Marcus Angelo“. Makes sense. The first name sounds like my junior, of course the daddy would also want his name included as his junior too.

Angelo, on the other hand, means “a messenger of God”, an Angel.

I’ve been calling him Coco – as his nickname – since then. Actually derived from his first name but also because I really, really, really like Coco Martin (even more than before I wasn’t pregnant yet) now that I am pregnant. Parang Coco Marcus lang. Hehe. But the daddy said, when he grows up he’d have a little more “mature” and pinoyish nickname – Macoy – just like his daddy’s Loloy and grandfather’s Caloy.


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