Answered Prayer, It’s A BOY!

After all the business with the wedding, I finally had time to have our follow up check up for our little one.

Since we are already 20 weeks and 5 days, Tita Menie requested that we do the CAS (Congenital Anomaly Scan + Gender Determination). I waited for a good 20 minutes for my turn. I was so excited to see our baby again but I was kinda nervous of what the result would be – gender and of course, if he is okay.

Once the Sonologist placed the probe on my belly, baby’s genitals was the first thing that she saw. Then she announced that “It’s A BOY!”, then adjusted the screen so I could see HIM. She said, “boy na boy!” Right there and then, my eyes welled up with tears.
It was really an answered prayer. We’ve been praying for a baby boy, as our first born. Another good news too, was that everything in his scan was normal.

It’s just sad that Jhe wasn’t with me during the ultrasound because he has to go to work, and not just work, he had to go somewhere for a few days for work. He was kinda homesick and he really misses me and our baby. When I called him up to tell him that our baby’s a boy, I could feel, even if it’s just from the other line, that he couldn’t contain his happiness, that he was overjoyed because he will be a father to a son.

We will see you soon daddy! Me and our Baby Boy misses you a lot! 🙂

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