Carroll&Chan: Bringing The Luxury of Nature from Hive to Home

Create the home you love with scents that improve the mood in every room, as Carroll&Chan is now in the Philippines.
Bringing you the luxury of nature straight from the hive to home, Carroll&Chan uses only 100% beeswax in all of their candles. Unlike other types of wax, beeswax poses no harm to the environment as no rainforests are cut down and no natural animal habitats are destroyed in its making. It is sustainable, renewable, and contains no toxins, parabens, or other pollutants. Choosing beeswax candles gives you the advantage of cleaner, brighter, and long-burning candles without worrying of health and environmental risks. For a comple sensory experience, Carroll&Chan beeswax candles are made with wooden wicks that produce a cozy crackling sound when lit. They are poured by hand in Hong Kong to ensure top-quality and are adorned with unique and original hand-painted designs in the packaging. These candles, handmade using traditional candle-making methods, truly delight the senses.
Carroll&Chan continues to grow with 25 fragrance collections, spread across a vast product range including beeswax candles, matching reed diffusers, fragrance oils, and other home fragrance accessories.
Today, together with lifestyle enthusiasts around Manila gathered to celebrate the launch of Carroll&Chan‘s first store in the country.

Ms. Kat Yulo-Garcia, International Sales & Marketing Director, Nouveau Philippines Corporation
Mr. Ian Carroll, CEO & Founder and Ms. Liana Cafolla, Creative Director of Carroll and Chan
Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes hosted the event with so much energy

Hosted by Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes, the event witnessed brand ambassadors, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia as they share their experiences in creating a better home with Carroll&Chan.
Coleen mentioned that her favorite scent is White Michelia, but they try to switch it off, since Billy also has a favorite scent, which is a holiday scent – Cinnamon. They both loved Champagne Rose too. For outdoors, they use Green Tea and Geraniol & Citronella Scent and one that sets them in a romantic mood is Red Red Rose. They usually light candles when visitors come to their house, while they usually use a certain scent per room that makes them feel that “they’re home” when they smell that particular scent, as it sets the mood. Their cats aren’t sensitive to the candles’ scent as they normally have a sensitive sense of smell.
But of course, I actually did a “Scent Sniffing” escapade to know which among the available scents would be my favorite. I did love Golden Delights and Midnight Jasmine. I wasn’t able to sniff on Green Tea and Cinnamon, but I’d love to smell that, for sure I’d love that too. I’m so lucky the gift box that was given to me has the Golden Delights scent. Yay, using it now as I finish this post!

Find your favorite scents and more, when you visit the Carroll&Chan store located in the 3rd floor of The Podium.

Share your experience using #CarrollAndChanPH and #FromHiveToHome. Keep in touch with the latest news and follow them on Instagram


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