Battle has Begun at Lazer Arena

One of the go-to place for interactive fun and indoor recreation is at Lazer Arena in SM Megamall. I want Coco to do something different for his birthday. It will be his first time to play laser tag (actually, my first time too), so I’m sure it will be quite a challenge for him.

Laser Tag
involves a use of high-technology laser guns that gives you points when fired accurately on your opponent. There are 5 target lights and if you were able to fire it in one, you will gain points, while your opponent will be muted from the game for 6 seconds. It is suitable for most ages and it will definitely give you that adrenaline rush, and of course, the fun feeling that you need in life.

Upon entering the premises, we were assisted by the staff in wearing our vests, gave us our laser guns and watched a video on how to use, do’s and don’t when playing laser tag.

It’s time to play! The black lit game area was so huge and there were only 5 of us at first. It looks like a cross between a barracks and an old warehouse with tires, drums, ramp, stairs, etc. We were actually against each other.

I was only following where Coco was going because that’s moms with little boys do. HIHI. And because I was just following Coco around I was a very easy target for everyone. Good thing, I wasn’t the loser. A session lasts for 15 minutes each.

Gameface ON

We were supposed to be grouped in 2 but we were 5 so they just made us go against one another, and I think if we were more, it will be merrier! Vic, Rissey, Me, Coco & Mama

Ready to play laser tag? Go to the 5th floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall.



  1. I have played Lazer tag in Star City numerous and this is definitely a good place to hang out with the fam! I have a brother named Coco too, he’s a 6-year old boy and I will definitely have him come here. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I have played Lazer tag in Star City numerous times and now I find it really far. Now, this is definitely good and accessible place to hang out with the fam! I have a brother named Coco too, he’s a 6-year old boy and I will definitely have him come here. Thanks for sharing.


    • wow magka age pa sila ng son ko! yes, ang layo nga naman kung sa Star City pa especially if you are not living around the area. Pasig nga kami, hassle pumunta sa Star City if ever haha! Let us know when you’ve visited! hope you’ll have a great time


  3. my son and my husband tried that when we were in SM Megamall, Nakakaloka! when they came out parang mga naligo sa sarili nilang pawis. And after that, they still want to go in again. Sad I wasn’t able to try, it seems so fun for the family, kaso we have a baby who’s not allowed inside that time:D, we’ll try that again when my youngest son is allowed already.


  4. Oh this is so exhilirating! I played with some friends at another lazertag arena and when we weren’t chasing each other around, we were laughing like lunatics, hehehehe!


  5. This activity is so much fun and something new too. And the activity is fit for the whole family. I have been seeing this in Mega for a long time na. Thanks for giving me a peek on this activity


  6. I remember the 1st (and hopefully not the last time) I’ll play Laser Tag in Market2, halos wala ako natatamaan hahaha It’s an exciting game, and good din sya as exercise.


  7. Laser tag is fun. We did that as a teambuilding activity at work and I just shot all of my officemates. I really don’t know why i didn’t win. Hahaha. Definitely had a good dose of adrenaline that time. No more shy boy. Wahahaha.


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