Halalan 2010

Today’s THE DAY.. Pilipinas’ Judgement Day. Time to cast those votes for good of our next 6 years.

Until I slept last night, I still don’t know whom to vote. I was very vocal about my support for NOY-MAR last year. But since today was approaching I was having second thoughts. I also wanted to vote for Gordon. Not until I woke up this morning that I finally settled with a firm decision. Before I slept last night, I asked for God’s help since I was still confused. I woke up with an answer, in my dream there is Benigno Simeon Conjuangco Aquino III.

I didn’t care anymore if some would think otherwise, if they’d think I’m not smart for not voting Gibo or Gordon. It doesn’t matter coz it was God’s Grace who gave me that decision, who helped me with deciding. I woke up early but not because I’m falling in line early. I just want to be up early for good vibes. My boyfriend and I, though we have different floors for our precinct, decided to go to our polling place after we eat lunch. Lucky us, lines weren’t long. For him, after he made sure, I’m in line, he went to his and was able to cast his votes immediately. No line at all. After 20 minutes, he’s back to my precinct. I, on the other hand, got to cast my vote after 50 minutes of waiting in line. I was expecting a 4-5 hours waiting time. So, APPLAUD to everyone behind Halalan 2010 in De Castro Elementary School for an organized process. But I heard during the morning, lines were pretty long. But I think that’s because everyone went there early so that they could vote early, but what happened was the opposite.

Anyway, my 2 cents, I’m quite irritated of tweets and fb posts of people saying that “if you didn’t vote for Gibo or Gordon, you’re not smart” WTF! We have our own brains and beliefs you know! Sorry, if we have difference in our perspective with life, but what you are saying is wrong. Please stop the bashing already. Voting’s over. Wala na magagawa mga paninira. We just have to sit back and relax while we’re waiting for the results. So who ever will be the next president, whether the one I voted or not, let’s just hope of a brighter Philippines in the next 6 years. Campaigning and bashing is now over, let’s all unite Philippines and just pray for an honest elections. God Bless the Philippines!

PS. I’m happy that I was able to become a part of this new addition to our country’s history. I’m damn proud of it. Ang sarap kaya ng feeling na after ko pinasok yung ballot ko sa PCOS machine, “Congratulations. Your vote has been registered.” CHANGE!

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