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In New York, moms started posting rainbows in their windows from their homes. It is said to spread hope to their neighbors and feel connected with humanity as we fight Covid19 together.

I also remembered Noah’s Ark – they were in a huge ark for 40 days and 40 nights as it continues to rain and it is flooded everywhere. They prayed and took care of one another and they were never afraid because they know that God is watching them. It may be stormy now, but remember, the rain will eventually stop and the rainbow will come out. It will be better, soon!

So today, Coco and I made our very own rainbow and posted it on our front door. We live in an apartment type building, and it won’t be seen by the public but I am hoping that my neighbors can feel hope if they see it.

It’s been 17 days (2 weeks and 3 days) since our President Duterte announced the NCR Lockdown aka Community Quarantine due to corona virus. It is not easy but if we continue to stay at home, it will a big help to our front liners who are risking their lives for us, as they try their best to cure those who got affected by the disease. Let us all follow the very simple rule to STAY AT HOME to FLATTEN THE CURVE, because after all of these, we will then find the beautiful rainbow that our DAD ABOVE will paint in the sky.



  1. What a light-hearted and encouraging post! The rainbow was said to be a proof that God’s promises are true. It’s reassuring to know that this situation we are in right now is but temporary. P.S. Coco’s mommy is nailing this parenting thing!


    • true. napare rewatch reread ako sa Noah’s Ark.. napaisip ako sa mga days and nights na banggit dun, di kaya ganun din tong covid. hay.. all i know is there will be a rainbow after all of this.

      nako, akala mo lang im nailing it. at times nakakasira na din ng ulo


  2. “There’s a rainbow always after the rain” This is the song that I always sing whenever I see a rainbow and Coco’s rainbow means the same. Thank you for this encouraging words article of yours.


  3. And I so agree! This is what I love about us Filipinos, our unwavering faith. Kahit saan mapunta, we always have this fighting spirit and being resilient because of our faith!


  4. Naalala ko din yung Noah’s Ark nung makita ko yung rainbow. Tapos napakanta din ako ng “There’s a Rainbow always after the rain”. Kaya kung anuman nangyayari ngayon magpray at maniwala lang na God will heal our land.


  5. I love how you are using this time to bond with Coco. At his young age, he knows what’s happening around him and how to help in his own little ways. I look forward reading more about your experiences with him.


  6. I remember God used rainbow as a sign of his promise to Noah and man never to destroy all flesh with flood again. This is a great initiative! Makes people remember that God is here, HE is in control and that everything will be better soon. 🙂


  7. I rarely see a rainbow nowadays. Whenever I spotted one in between rain and sunshine, I always make sure to stop for a while and admire it.


  8. We always look forward to rainbows and feel good when we see one. This is very apt these days. Let’s paint the town with cheerful colors so we can uplift each other.


  9. Super natutuwa ako sa ganitong stories, especially that we teach the future generations to be thankful and appreciate the frontliners, lalaki silang may appreciation and pag galang even sa mga cashiers, security guards and other essentials workers. Also yung alam nila to be resilient in times like this and na may rainbow (hope) after all the storms in life.


  10. My heart was touched by this. Will do this with Nathan din, I hope he cooperates at hindi magtantrums habang nagdadrawing kami, or I will just let him create his own version of rainbow 😀


  11. I’m sure anyone who’ll see that lovely artwork will smile. It’s important to remain positive and optimistic during this hard times. Let’s have faith in God and trust that everything will be better soon.


  12. Awww what a nice initiative. It’s also a good bonding sesh with kids and to instill in them that there’s hope after all this is over. 🙏🏻❤️


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