How to Make a Father’s Day Pop Up Card | Skill Skout Online Session

Skill Skout invited us to participate in an online arts and craft session with Teacher Nica Cosio and we made a Father’s Day Pop Up Card, in time to celebrate our dear fathers on Sunday.

Do you want to know how to do it? First, prepare the materials needed:


1. Fold the 2 sheets of colored paper in half.
2. Cut slits at the center of your card from the folded part. The cut parts in between the cuts will be the tab that will secure the pop up. You can make one, two or more tabs, depends on how many pop up art you want to do.
3. Open the card and pull tabs inward. The tabs should be inside the card when you close it again.
4. Glue the paper with tabs and the other paper together.
5. Make your pop up art. Glue them on each tabs.
6. Decorate your pop up card or write a message.

Now you have a Father’s Day card for you father! You can also make this card in all other occasions!



Skill Skout is an online portal that can help parents search, book and review activities for their kids. With this, we, as parents can help our kids to explore and discover what they love to do and actually learn to love learning.

On this #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona, sessions are made via Zoom, as we make the most out of the school free days with fun and quality experiences for our kids.

You can inquire via their social media account for available sessions.



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