Be CLAYtive, Create with Nara

Coco and I enjoyed our recent HomeVentureCLAY PLAY! Thanks to these modeling clay from Nara Philippines. Coco loves to play with clay and I’m so glad he does because it fosters creativity and imagination.
nara philippines (1)
Playing with Coco reminded me of when I was as little as him. My mom would bring me to
clay molding workshops (using polymerclay) that her hobby club in her office would arrange. We both loved making different things from it, and gifting it to our family and friends.
nara philippines (4)
This time, I watched Coco work with his little hands with this colorful bunch, while I do the same, giving me a relaxing feeling that I need after a tiring day.
nara philippines (3)
This is Coco showing off his SpiderMan, which he made from Nara modeling clay!
nara philippines (1)
, has been manufacturing modelling clay for over 45 years since year 1971. They envision to be the main player of in modeling clay industry. Aside from their non-toxic modelling clay, they have also have kidy clay, non-glutten dough, non drying dough, light clay, floating clay, and paper mache. Professionally, you can get clay products that you can use in your sculpting/molding like ceramic clay, sculpture clay, polymer clay, air hardening clay, and flower clay. It is available in lots of colors. Craft tools and accessories are also available.
nara philippines (2)
Get these #NaraPhilippines Moldeling Clay from Shopee or Lazada Uy they also have polymer clay

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