Netflix: Afterlife of the Party

Afterlife of the Party is about Cassie (Victoria Justice), an events planner and who is indeed, the life of the party. She lives to party here and there until she dies in a freak accident. She wakes up to meeting her angel Val in the “In Between” of heaven and earth. Now this social butterfly needs to fix things that should have mattered in her life when she was still alive if she wants to earn her wings.afterlifeoftheparty1Cassie has three people on her to-do-list. Her bestfriend, Lisa, whom her friendship with fell apart, her dad whom she didn’t have time to even spend with and her estranged mom, who left her a child. So many regrets and we know why. Not a lot of people can actually have a do over with life or fix whatever afterlife. We don’t even  know if it is even possible.afterlifeoftheparty4afterlifeoftheparty3afterlifeoftheparty5

I know this is not easy. But I hope we realize how LIFE IS SHORT and it could just abruptly be taken. Let’s not live a life that we will might regret. Connect again with the friend whom you haven’t spoken in years. Reach out to the person who may have hurt you, just be the bigger person. Spend time with the people you love.afterlifeoftheparty2
Live life that is not fearful. Live your life to the fullest, but don’t forget that you are who you are because of the people in you heart, so don’t ever forget them. Hold someone’s hand, hug your bestfriend, live your dreams and follow your heart! So when we get to the afterlife, we can say “I lived before I died!” and not the other way around.



    • Well, i couldn’t wait until tonight. I watched half of it earlier today. Afterlife of the Party is a subtle reminder that one should never take friendships or family for granted for you never know when your time is up. Live in the moment as if it is always your last day on earth.


  1. I watched this until mid-halfway and haven’t finished it coz I find the movie very predictable. My favorite character is her guardian angel, she’s pretty cool.


  2. I will add this to my list sa Netflix! It’s my first time seeing this, cause Netflix keeps on suggesting me to watch K-Dramas! lol. But ganitong mga genre halos din ang pinapanood ko na k-drama so I think magugustuhan ko din to!


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