Stay your Health and Wellness Journey with Puritan’s Pride

Self care is not only about making yourself look good, or pampering ourselves. It is really making sure that we are getting enough rest, and proper nutrition that we need. Pandemic or not, it is very important to take care of our health by boosting our immune system. But did you know that taking vitamins plays a big role in our health? The benefits of vitamins are endless and in terms of self-care, you can’t do better than vitamins.
The key to having good overall health is by taking in vitamins, as it is essential to keep our immune system run smoothly everyday. While vitamins can be found naturally in food that we eat, drink or the morning sun, we don’t always get all the vitamins that we need. Established in the Philippines in 2015, US-made Puritan’s Pride makes the road to health and overall wellness within reach.

Honestly, I haven’t been sleeping well. Puritan’s Pride’s Melatonin has been a big help for me.

Puritan’s Pride, the trusted source of vitamins and supplements for over 45 years, sells high-quality and competitively-priced vitamins & health supplements. Its collection of products range from multivitamins, health supplements for weight loss, skin care, heart, liver and other aspects of a person’s health.

Puritan’s Pride gives us great deals and discounts on vitamin bundles through Lazada and Watsons this September. The Triple Immunity Bundle and the Power Up Pack include vitamins to help boost immunity
and fuel energy through the day – perfect for those who need that extra bit of strength to get
through hectic and busy days.
Puritan's Pride Lazada 9.9
The Power Up Bundle, available on Lazada this 9.9., consists of Vitamin C and D3 that are vital
to ensure normal immune system function is now going for only P606, which is 43% off its usual
price of P1,060. This month Lazada is also set to offer Flash Sale and Brand Mega offers such
as Buy 1 Take 1 deals on Puritan’s Pride best-selling Vitamin C.
Puritan's Pride Watsons Sale
Exclusively available on Watsons on will be a Triple Immunity Bundle with Vitamin C and D3, as
well as Melatonin that helps improve sleep quality and activates T-cells, a special kind of white
blood cells, which helps in protecting the body. For the whole month of September, this
exclusive bundle will be priced at Php1,017 from Php1,197. As an extra perk for Watsons Members, an extra discount will be given bringing it to an even bigger steal of Php958.Puritan1
These amazing deals showcase Puritan’s Pride’s efforts to get everyone to embrace its
#HealthIsEveryday campaign by eating well, exercising regularly, and taking the much needed
supplements our bodies need.

Puritan’s Pride has steadily gained recognition locally for its affordable health supplements. Its wide line-up of vitamins and health offerings are available at Watsons stores, and online at Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and BeautyMnl.

Start healthy living everyday with Puritan’s Pride, the smart choice.

Easy access links for Shopee and Lazada:
Shopee: Immunity Pack A Vitamin C 500mg + Zinc 25mg Puritan’s Pride, Melatonin 3 mg 120 tablets Puritan’s Pride Natural Sleep Aid Immunity, and Puritan’s Pride Vitamin D3 400 IU 100 tablets. Lazada:
Puritan’s Pride Immunity Pack Vitamin C Zinc and Vitamin D3 Immune Health Boost

Puritan's Pride is one of the leading health supplement brands made in the USA. Introduced in the
Philippines in 2005, Puritan's Pride is an affordably priced high quality line of vitamins and health
supplements. It has a strong following among health-conscious Filipinos - a solid base that has grown with
its #HealthIsEveryday campaign. Puritan's Pride believes that being healthy is the best kind of self-care, and that all Filipinos deserve to enjoy healthy lives everyday.

Puritan's Pride Supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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