Netflix: Little

Little is 2019 American fantasy comedy film directed and co-written by Tina Gordon. It is a story about Jordan, a nightmarish boss is transformed into her teen self, she's forced to go back to school, while her long-suffering assistant has to run the company. Starring: Regina Hall, Issa Rae, Marsai Martin. 13 year old Jordan... Continue Reading →

KDrama: Hi Bye, Mama!

Hi Bye, Mama! is a 2020 South Korean television series shown in tvN and Netflix. Cha Yu-ri (Kim Tae-hee) has been a ghost since she died, while pregnant in a tragic accident five years ago. She left her husband, Jo Gang-hwa (Lee Kyu-hyung) and their daughter, Seo Woo (Seo Woo-Jin). Well, as for Yu-Ri, who... Continue Reading →

Netflix Original: The Let Down

So, I started watching the Netflix Series, The Let Down - it starts with Audrey, a new mom of a few months old baby, still hasn't adjusted to her new life I suppose, breastfeeding, looks like on the brink of having PPD, a stay-at-home mom,, husband is working, and certainly, she is having a hard... Continue Reading →

KDrama: Operation: Proposal

What if one day you will be given a chance to re-write your life, to change what has already happened, to re-create an action to eliminate the mistake you once did.. would you? I recently finished the Korean Drama, Operation: Proposal. It is about two childhood friends - Baek Ho and Yi Seul. They met... Continue Reading →

USTV: Gilmore Girls

When Gilmore Girls first aired, I wasn't into US TV series yet. It was my college friend, Ces' favorite and she introduced the show to me. But I wasn't too keen on watching it because I was too hooked with One Tree Hill. Ten years after, I found myself watching the series (all 7 seasons... Continue Reading →

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