KDrama: Hometown Cha-cha-cha

Hometown Cha-cha-cha is technically about how Ms. Dentist and Chief Hong crossed paths again and again, over time and finally, end up falling in love with each other in the small town, Gongjin. But did you know that its title isn’t one of the cliché romantic titles, but its Korean title literally translates to Seaside Village Cha-cha-cha? If you’ve watched it already, Hometown Cha-cha-cha’s story revolved around not only with the couple but with all of the people living in Gongjin. Each of them are instrumental in making the story feel like it is the real thing. Their stories weren’t forced, like just for the sake of it kind of thing. It has depth. Naturally, it would give us the overall effect of a fun-loving community that we may aspire to have. Gongjin is a fictional seaside village but its setting actually took place at Pohang, South Korea.
Yoon Hye-Jin aka Ms. Dentist, a dentist in Seoul, went soul searching after she left her job. She visited the seaside village of Gongjin, where she has memories with her late mom. She ends up moving there as well and opened her own dental clinic. While at it, she met Hong Du-sik aka Chief Hong, the village’s hometown hero and Mr. fix it all. They resisted their feelings, but eventually managed to let it flow. 
The different characters in Gongjin – from the oldest and wisest Ms. Gam-ri to the youngest, cutest and smartest little boy, I-jun – have excess baggages, sad, dark pasts, regrets, deep desires, guilt, frustrations and even isolation. But in Gongjin, they knew that they will never be alone because they have a big fishing net (the whole community) that will catch them when they fall.
Hometown Cha-cha-cha is a feel good and positive drama topped off with all its quirks coming from each characters. It is uncomplicated but beautiful. It may give us a big smile on our face or a tear in our eye (or even weep so hard) from time to time but what you don’t know is that it somewhat gave me this healing feeling that I didn’t know I needed. Maybe yours too!
Main take away? Men – not because you think we ladies are strong, you just let us be. We need your help, even though we know we can. We need  your affirmation, even though we may be verbally loud. Appreciate us. We need your time and attention, even though we may seem busy. We need you, more than anything. Show it to us, even if you think we will refuse it.
Men – it is okay to show that you are weak. You don’t have to be strong for us ladies all the time. Open to us when you are ready. We will wait for you. That is how we are built. To be your rock and no judgement, swear! Women – don’t just sulk because you didn’t get your way. Know that they have reasons too. They may not be ready yet. But they will try their best, because they love you. Be patient and understanding and just trust him.
You are bound to meet unexpected situations in life. Even if you use an umbrella, you’ll end up getting wet. Just put your hands up and enjoy the rain.” – Chief Hong | Don’t stress yourself with what life brings you. It happened for a reason. You didn’t get what you want or you failed. It happens. But it doesn’t mean that we won’t succeed anymore. It will just redirect us something better. It’s okay to cry but get up and face life with all your grit and might. Don’t ever forget to enjoy!
One day, may each of us find our own Gongjin. A place where we can be at peace and never worry of what tomorrow would bring. A place where we find contentment and happiness with what we have and we don’t have. A place where we not only build the family we’ve always wanted, rather extend it to those without. A place where indifferences will never an issue, conflicts may or may not be resolved, but you are accepted no matter what. A place where you may find a friend that you’d want to grow old with, share a meal with and just be your silly you. A place where you can get the support you’ve longed to have and who got your back in times of difficulty. A place where you can sing a song even if you can’t carry a tune or dance even if you have 2 left feet. A place where you can be the rock to someone who might need you to be strong for. A place where you can be willing to wait without hesitations. A place where you tie someone else’s shoe lace, even if you know they can. A place where you can go back to after all the troubles you got, who’d always welcome you with open arms and be the place you can always call home.

The seashore. The views. The food. The closed-knit relationship of the community. Need I say more? HomCha just make me wanna pack up and move and start a life by the sea. XD Who’s joining me?

PS. All photos are not mine. Got them from Google from different pages. Kamsahamnida 감사합니다


  1. I watched this until Episode 3 (I’ll continue watching soon!). Gusto ko ito kasi ang cute ng story and quite relatable. Moving to the countryside and switching lifestyles is a challenge.
    Bet na bet ko ang Gucci outfit niya!


  2. I started watching Hometown Cha Cha but I wasn’t able to continue it yet. I got as far as when the girl was going to clean fish because she had to pay her dues, is that correct?


  3. Grabe, inabangan ko talaga to every weekend. Nakakamiss! Hometown Cha Cha Cha is definitely one of my favorite K-Drama this year. Ang ganda ng story, tapos perfect lahat ng casts.


  4. I have had so many people talk about the hometown cha cha cha. However, I love Korean movie I would love to watch this on Netflix


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