KDrama: All of Us are Dead

I’m not that inclined to watching zombie flicks, although I watched Train to Busan and even Star Cinema’s Block Z, which probably was the last Filipino film I watched in the cinema before the pandemic hit and has quite a similar theme with AOUAD. But I don’t know one weekend, I was browsing through Netflix for a show to watch and I just hit play to their newly released series, All of Us are Dead. To top off my binge watching, my boy here sat beside me and watched it with me. Technically, this is the second Netflix series he watched with me all through out but the first Korean series, subtitles and all. I am just so proud being a KDrama addict here. Of course, we took a picture for the ‘gram.
All of Us are Dead is based on the Naver webtoon Now at Our School, by Joo Dong-geun, which was published between 2009 and 2011. After a failed science experiment, Hyosan Highschool is overrun with zombies, and the trapped students struggle to survive. With no food or water, and communication cut-off by the government, they must use equipment around the school to protect themselves in the midst of a battleground or they will become part of the infected. Who among On-jo, Cheong-san, Nam-ra, Su-hyeok, Na-yeon, Gyeong-su, I-sak, Ji-min, Woo-jin, Dae-su, Jun-yeong, Hyo-ryung, Ha-ri, and Mi-jin will live to see the day?
Nope. I’m not here to critic it. I’m never a movie critic, let alone a zombie movie critic. I’m here as a mother who watched the series with his 8-year old son who may or might have experienced being bullied. I have to let him understand that the root of all of these is BULLYING. If you already watched the whole series, you’d know that the main reason why the zombie apocalypses happened was because of the virus that the Life Science teacher, Lee Byeong-chan created. He made the virus in an attempt to make his son stronger and be able to stand up for himself when his peers were bullying him. Only to find out that instead of making his son strong, he was turning him into a zombie.
AllOfUsAreDead-LifeScienceTeacherLee Byeong-chan
My son, in a couple of times may have felt like Lee Jin-su, Lee Byeong-chan’s son. He wouldn’t stand up for himself, and most of the time he would just cry. He isn’t a coward. It’s just that he isn’t the type to fight or hurt others, especially if they are girls. He would definitely answer back though. He just want to play with his friends. He is the type that isn’t afraid to join the circle, even if they are shooing him away. Again, he just wants to play. But at times, maybe when he knows he should give up, I’d just see him looking so mad with the kunot sa noo, but tears filling up his eyes. I can’t help but get hurt as well and even cry for the hurt I am seeing in his eyes. I just call on him and remind him that I am here for him, even if the world doesn’t. Of course, hindi naman ako nagkulang sa pagpapalakas ng loob niya and sa pagpapaalala on how to fight for himself. Iba-iba lang din talaga ang situation. Know that I try so hard at never ako nagkulang in honing him to be the man he should be.
We always talk about bullying. We talk how it could affect the lives of many. Depression, anxiety, low self esteem, trauma and how sometimes love turns into hate. How he shouldn’t be a bully. He is very vocal to me how he hates bullies. What he should do if he is getting bullied. Who he should ask for help, if he gets bullied. Why he shouldn’t be keeping it a secret if he is indeed bullied. These are most of the things that we talk about, and we talk about it paulit ulit. Not just once but every time we encounter a TV show that have bullies on it. Nope. I wouldn’t be writing my answers here. I know we all know the answers here in our heart. It is just between me and my son. I suggest that you, as a parent should start talking to your school-aged children about bullying, especially if they have experienced being bullied, know anyone that was bullied or if he/she has “bullied” anyone. It is also your responsibility as a parent to look after your child. Hindi yung pababayaan mo lang siya makipaglaro, while you are busy with something else. If you know me, you’d see me always aware of what Coco is doing when he is playing with his friends. Sasawayin ko sya if I know na he might hurt anyone or he might get hurt. As a parent we always have to be aware of how our children interact with other children. Habang nakikita pa natin sila. It always happens in playdates. Palaging magkakaasaran ang mga bata over littliest, pettiest things. We’d see them fight and make up. Pero minsan hindi ito away-bata lang and ganging up happens. That is why as early as now, let’s all give our children the talk that they need in order to arm them with the strength, knowledge and love that they need when they get immersed in real world.AOUAD-2
All of Us are Dead isn’t just about zombies. It shows us why BULLYING is WRONG and how we should always stand for ourselves. It also shows what could happen if proper authorities won’t do something about it. It reminds us to always CHOOSE KINDNESS and how we shouldn’t look down on other people. It reminds us to be a friend, stand up for a friend, help a friend because you’ll never know how the impact it will give to the person’s life, or even yours.

All of Us are Dead is available via Netflix.

All photos are grabbed from Google and is most likely owned by the makers of All of Us are Dead.


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