Movie: Encanto

But of course, Disney does it again! Another heart-warming and family-centered film captured our hearts through Encanto, their 2021 offering. No Disney villain needed!
Hidden in the mountains of Colombia, The Madrigals, an extraordinary family lived in a charmed place, Encanto, whom from a miraculous candle provided Alma (the Abuela) and her triplets – Bruno, Pepa and Julieta their home, the Casita. Its magic has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift — every child except Mirabel, one of the grandchildren. However, she soon may be the Madrigals last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Casita is in danger.

As a Filipino, I totally relate on on their family dynamics. They are closed knit but there are still the outsiders. How ironic, right? We feel that we are not enough and we are not special. The pressure is real! That is why I chose to live in my own bubble and create my own world, than feel unwanted. Know that each of us is the miracle to the people that we love and who loves us as well. We must know that we are valuable and as much as worthy to be loved. And always remember that no one will love us as much as our mother would.
Mirabel may not have her special gift or she doesn’t know yet that she is the one that truly holds the family together. Yet she is the one who appreciates each for who they really are. Most likely of how her mother, Julieta nurtured her and assured her that she is just as special as her gifted sisters and cousins. And as a mom of a growing child who’s had his gifts come and go in his lifetime, it is important that we assure them that no matter what path they choose to be in life, we will be there for them all the way. We have to help them nurture the talents that they have. We have to encourage them to acknowledge what they can do and not bring them down if they can not. This is our duty as a parent and not to have them step aside because they are not special. I’m sorry, Abuela! We are all special in our own little way. We all matter.

Be compassionate like Julieta. Be the father that Agustin is to his children. We don’t have to be as perfect as Isabela. We just have to be true and with that we can define our happiness. We have to realize that we can’t handle everything, even if you are as strong as Luisa. We can always ask for help. EncantoMadrigalfamilywithBrunoLet us be like Pepa who tries her very best to manage her emotions. Be the supportive husband that Felix is to his wife. Even if you know everything, you don’t have to tell it to everyone, as how Dolores is. You may not know who you are now like Camilo, but for sure you will be when your time comes. Be like Antonio, so young yet knows how inclusivity works. Be like Bruno, who only has good intentions, especially for the people that he loves. Abuela always thought that she does is for the best, but we should realize that sometimes it could lead to losing it instead. I love Encanto to its core. It is about generational trauma, expectations, healing, acknowledgement, and familial love. It will definitely be one Disney Classic and will be well loved from generations to generations.

PS. One thing is for sure! If you are reading this and you are a parent, I’m pretty sure you have seen this film for the nth time, sang its songs and you have already talked about Bruno. Isn’t it?!

You may watch Encanto via Disney+.

All photos were gathered via Google. Most likely owned by noone but Disney.


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