Choosing our Children over Anything

During the 12 days that I can’t sleep beside Coco, I realized how I wasted a lot of time not staying by his side while he lulls himself to sleep because I’m still working or I’m having my me-time after work. Then I would catch him still awake and I would reprimand him for not yet sleeping despite of being in bed already for 2-3 hours.
You see he still can’t sleep without me by his side, unless his dada is around. Imagine the first night he was on his own during the time we were on isolation. I remotely prepared him to sleep because of course, I can’t go near him to spare him from the virus. He cried. I was two feet away from him by the door, assuring him that I’m just here. But the louder he cried, I cried the more.

Realizing those precious moments we shouldn’t waste. Hug them to sleep tonight, until they want us to. Our babies won’t be little forever. They will grow up, finally sleep in their own room and may not need us as much.

I’m shutting this thing now and hug my boy to sleep and try to sleep. Good night world!


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