The Birthday Eve Tradition

Take a photo of your child the night before he turns a year old. It has been my yearly tradition to take Coco Marcus' picture as he sleeps the eve of his birthday. Tipong last look ko sa kanya, because the next day when he wakes up, he is a year older. Why? I'm not... Continue Reading →

Netflix Original: The Let Down

So, I started watching the Netflix Series, The Let Down - it starts with Audrey, a new mom of a few months old baby, still hasn't adjusted to her new life I suppose, breastfeeding, looks like on the brink of having PPD, a stay-at-home mom,, husband is working, and certainly, she is having a hard... Continue Reading →

Mommy Club New Year Get-Together

Here's to a new year for us mommies whom I was with from pregnancy to giving birth to taking care of our little ones. Can't wait for more bondings with them - 16 mommies out of 55 in our group --- Roxanne, Glo, Teens, Giselle, KG, Joanne, Sigrid, Hazel, Kris, Gitz, Vina, Miah, Jhelz, Kai... Continue Reading →

Mommy Club

I am thankful to have such a supportive and a non-judgemental support system during the duration of my pregnancy, up until now. These are the ladies that I was with awhile ago. I have my family and friends as my support system. But these ladies I have "been" with for the past year is different.... Continue Reading →

Laundry x Cloth Diapers

Lesson 4: Coco consumes 7-8 disposable diapers (sposies) a day, and it still depends on the number of times he poops! The convenience of sposies - remove and throw to the bin. But how will it be for the modern cloth nappies? I am aiming for at least 2 days worth of CDs for CD... Continue Reading →

Prepping up and Stripping your CD

Lesson 3: Why do you need to prepare your CD? To remove the left-over chemicals from manufacturing. How do you prepare your CD? For shells: Soak overnight in COLD water. Wash once with a little detergent. Line-dry under the sun. For inserts and boosters: Soak overnight in HOT water, especially natural materials like bamboo or... Continue Reading →

Why should you use Cloth Diapers?

Lesson 1: 1. Huge Savings - You'll  realize that you throw your money away every time you throw a diaper and that it is always cheaper when you reuse than when you buy new one. Sposies can't be re-used. So a significant chunk of our money has gone to buying what is essentially garbage. Right?... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Bye-O, Lullaby Baby-O

Since Coco was born, I expose him to different types of music and sounds. TV Sounds, because I always watch TV. Different kinds of music genra, what ever was playing in the radio at night, sometimes, even Papa Jack speaking, because Jhe listens to those at night. But of course, I let Coco listen to... Continue Reading →

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