All Things Disney with Photobook (Free Photobook Promocode)

2020_0501_17364200Too sad we weren’t able to go to Disneyland this summer vacay as we have planned to. But Coco and I are so happy to be able reminisce our past Disney trips while we made our DISNEY FUN BOOK from PHOTOBOOK. Great bonding, right?

Did you know that there are Disney templates that you can use to make your photobook more memorable?

It is so easy to use – 1) Just open your Photobook app
2) Click the Disney Fun Book
3) choose your photobook size

4) choose you Disney Template (There are 15 templates to choose from)

5) choose your photos, fix them accordingly

6) when done, click NEXT, give your project a name and choose your paper
7) Add to cart

Payment mode: Gcash or Paypal

What’s the best thing about this? We are sharing with you how you can get your own 6×6 inch DISNEY FUN BOOK for FREE when you create it via the Photobook App.

To redeem your free photobook, you can use the promo code: TAPFUNBOOK | 20 pages but you get 50% off for the extra pages, not inclusive of paper upgrades and shipping fee.

You can also use the code TAP50 for 50% off site wide via the Photobook App as well. Not inclusive of extra pages, paper upgrades and shipping fee.

All codes valid until June 30, 2020.

Here’s Coco reviewing the Photobooks we made!

Download the App HERE.

You can watch our unboxing here:



    • never too old for Disney! it is always magical, despite my age and the number of times I have been there. it’s even more magical when i was with my son na. my happiness is literally overflowing then!


  1. Ang gandang pangregalo neto not only for the kids but for those also young at heart. I mean, who doesn’t love Disney? Been planning to go to Disneyland for my birthday celeb but did not pushed through due to this situation. Hopefully next year go naaaaa


  2. HAHA Cute Coco on the intro unboxing your gift for him! Super gandang gift a customized photo album. I know I’m never too old for Disney. I admit Batang Disney Channel ako that’s why I’m so inlove anything about Disney.


    • Oh look at his smile while browsing the photobook! He looks so happy. This is a great bonding activity that enables creativity of children. I am surprised that is is free. Wow! I should really tell my sister about this.


  3. Oh look at his smile while browsing the photobook! He looks so happy. This is a great bonding activity that enables creativity of children. I am surprised that is is free. Wow! I should really tell my sister about this.


  4. Funny, while reading I was thinking of what style to choose for hubby and me. I forgot that I’m nearing 30 in about 2 months. LOL! The “fancy party” and the Avengers would be what I would choose, though! 😀


  5. This is really cute! It gave me another idea on what to give for my nieces and nephews. Plus, I’m pretty much sure my inner 6 year old self would be jumping for joy having seen this.


  6. Our albums at home are still the traditional ones, you know the ones with transparent covers were you put each photo inside. Photobook like this is something I haven’t tried yet, but now I’m curious as it looks easy as there’s an app already.


  7. I’m a full-grown adult an this makes my eyes light up. I can only imaging how excited this must make the kiddos! Will definitely share this to my nieces and nephews.


  8. Wow! No matter how old I get, Disney will always remain close to my heart. It’s great that you’re exposing your child to Disney–they definitely won’t forget it no matter how old they become!


  9. I’d never be too old for Disney! This quarantine has made me watch all classic disney movies all over again! I even made a checklist for it. HAHAHAHA how’s that for my kiddie heart ♡♡♡ Unfortunately, I don’t have little siblings or nieces that I could share this. But this one’s reminded me to get back on track to finally checked everything on my “Checklist of Classic Disney Movies to Rewatch”


  10. Oh my! Photobook has Disney themes pala. I’m sure the kids will be very excited to see their photos on these 🙂


  11. This is so cute! Disneyland travel is now on-hold so this photo book would be a great souvenir, muna 😀


  12. Ang cute! Di ko pa ulit navi-visit yung app. Will check these nga. Galing naman ni photobook, naisip nila to.


  13. ang ganda neto, noh? good remembrance of their childhood in photos. Maybe it’s not too late to put my boys’ photos in a photo book like that too.


  14. Wow ang saya! I didn’t know they are offering this for free! How much in total did you pay (shipping and other fees)? Also, the photobooks you made look super nice! I’m sure Coco will treasure these memories 💖


  15. I so love disney, 90’s kid here so I grew up watching disney characters. We even collect plushies up until now. If I were to choose for my photobook, would definitely pick disney marvel – avenger heroes. I AM AN AVID FAN OF MCU!!


  16. I tried the photobook app but i have to redo it because it rejected some of my photos. unfortunately, i can’t figure out which ones.


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