Oh! Silly Old Bear!

The movie, Christopher Robin takes us back to our childhood, the "friends" we had made and the adventures we took. "I'm lost" "But I found you." Pooh, who suddenly appeared in front of the lost Christopher Robin, whom has already forgotten all about his past as he has already grown up with more "important things"... Continue Reading →

Happiest Place on Earth

Since a few years ago, I had started a dream, a goal. It is to visit all the Disneylands in the world. I've been such an obssessed little girl who loves Disney so much. Who fantasizes that Aladdin is her boyfriend (My sister's Stitch btw, so I'm saner..). That's Sleeping Beauty's castle is also my... Continue Reading →

The Tinkerbell Monologue

written by margs. To Peter Pan: You know, I glow the brightest for you, even though I'm just a mere little fairy in your crew. Just a temperamental drama queen of a pixie light darting around. Tinkling bells is just what you hear, but I never really make a sound. I wanted your attention. Me... Continue Reading →

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