Maynilad Bills Payment at the Comfort of your Home

Thursday is my laundry day and I realized how we have more clothes to wash now than pre-enhanced community quarantine days. I guess, we are even more concern of our cleanliness, as well as the virus that might stick to our clothes because of Covid19.2020_0421_16382900

It’s almost the month end and our friend judith is here again. Despite of extensions given by most companies, like Maynilad, and I’m so thankful for that… I decided to pay up so I’ll be able to manage our expenses easier, the lesser dues on my end, the less worries I’ll have.

It’s so comforting to know that it is now easier to pay my Maynilad bill through the many payment channels that we now have — GCash, Paymaya, Grab and Lazada to name a few (check photo below). I don’t need to go out and risk my health just to fulfill my responsibilities at home.IMG-12e3a6e86723a0cfc99b25b4a9bde730-V

Not only that, since paying is just a tap from the app, I don’t have to waste my time on the streets – probably going to payment centers and falling in line – it only meant, that I will be able to finish more tasks and I’ll have more time for my family and myself!2020_0421_17465900

Reminding all of us to STAY HOME and STAY SAFE, don’t go out if it’s not an urgent need or find ways, there might be a way that you can do it at the comfort of your home. Let’s help #flattenthecurve and let’s all #HealAsOnePH.



  1. I’m glad that I enrolled my bills online so I was able to pay my due date at the comfort of our home too. It is one thing that I appreciate during this pandemic times at wala mamimiss na due date.


  2. This is truly so convenient. Aside from regular merchants, may Lazada and Grab pa! Paying bills has come a long way from when I had to stay in line for an hour just to pay our water bills when I was in college. 🙂


  3. That’s nice and very convenient. Dito din wala ng pila pila we just pay everything online and bank transfer or nakacredit na as accounts hung bills every month ikaltas na lang.


  4. One of the benefits of technology is being able to pay our bills online. This is quite helpful during ECQ as we don’t need to leave our homes anymore to settle our monthly dues. Thanks to companies like Maynilad we can all stay safe at home.


  5. I’m glad paying utility bills are easier now! Yesterday I found out there’s a Meralco app – haha wouldn’t even look for them if not for the circumstances we have. Kasi nasanay kami na paper bill for meralco bills. Hehe. 😀 And yes to paying so it will not pile up later on. 🙂


  6. its only now in this time of ecq that I learned about digital wallet as payment option. And I totally love the convenience and safety especially this social distancing mandated reality.


  7. Was happy ba meron na ganito. Was used to going sa bank oa at ang haba ng pila talaga . with these digital wallet options, no need para lumabas ng bahay at pumila pa.


  8. Love this digital payment options talaga. I used to make pila pa tlaaga sa banko to pay un pala meron ganito na convenient na nga, safe pa kasi no need lumabas na.


  9. We now use digital payment options na talaga. Before, ayaw ko pa nga, but when the pandemic happened, anything that can be done at home, we do at home.


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