#MakeTimeToDisconnect to #MakeTimeToConnect to Our Kids

Guilty as charged. I may have the opportunity to be with Coco 24/7 while I work. I still can not give my full attention to him, since I am working. When I turn off my laptop, I am dead tired already. In between, working and making sure he gets to eat 3 times a day, takes a bath, and all other stuff he would ask me to do, I also have to do house chores. Me time is actually far from reality sometimes. But it shouldn’t be the case. I challenge you, the way I will challenge myself starting today.

I’ve always believe that when we are connected to our child, it will be easier for them to cooperate with us. They will be open to us, because they trust us. In the last few months, during this #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona, there would be days that I would get mad at Coco because of his stubbornness. I would lose my patience and really get mad at him, while he would throw tantrums. After an episode, I would end up being guilty and sad, because I might have hurt him. #RealStory Then I would think that maybe he doesn’t feel connected to me, maybe because, aside from me being busy, I am also struggling inside? #covid19anxieties

Put your phone down and #MakeTimeToDisconnect to #MakeTimeToConnect to your child today. It doesn’t have to go on for hours. Play a round of board game with them. Have an impromptu cuddle and tickle time. Ask him if he wants merienda and eat with him. Bathe him while having story time. Snuggle as you wake up in the morning or while to put him to bed at night. Build a Lego City with him or play tea time with her and her dolls.  Listen to him when he wants to tell you something and try to answer him when he as unlimited questions. This is me actually taking mental notes, although I do some of this already. Looks like kulang pa din.

Like what I wrote in one of my captions so many posts ago, our child will only have 18 summers through their childhood. They will be gone in a blink of an eye, living in and conquering their own world. Make the most out of that time. Savor each moment you have with them. So, make it a habit to connect with them every day. Do it NOW.

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  1. I am not a mom yet, but I am happy to see you feeling grateful for all the time you could spend with your son especially right now. You are right, kids grow so fast! Even I fell apart from my parents when I got older. Peers and technology folded in our lives.


  2. that is so relatable! yes! just because we’re home, doesn’t mean we’re actually spending time with our family. it’s intentional talaga. you have to decide to do it.


  3. Hi! I don’t really mean to sound negative but I didn’t really feel that kind of connection with my mom. It always feels awkward to have a “moment” with her because all these time, maids or yayas were the ones taking care of me when I was young. I think I never got to know my mom as a best friend but I feared her instead. Now, I always wanted to get out and live my own life. This post also made me tear up a bit. I realize that maybe this is the same way my mom might be feeling. We are so busy growing up that we forget our parents are also growing old. Hayyy I’m so sorry for this long comment haha just made me really emotional. Thank you though for sharing this 🙂


    1. Awww!! Alamo when i was younger, teenage days,nako always ako humihiwalay sa kanya.. di ako nagsasama sa mga lakad and all. We had yaya too. Pero hindinaman sya too busy. Pero ayun nga nun teen na ako dun medyo nahihiwalay ako. I think it was a phase. Nun na preggy na ako especially when coco was out na, i was closer to her na. I think there will ocme a time na magiging close din kayo. Sana sooner rather later.. try to connect with her mismo. Baka nahihiya sya sayo.


      1. Oh I see, moms also feel that way po pala? Akala ko it was just me na nahihiya😅 I think we’re kind of trying to patch things slowly esp. now na quarantine. Kailangan talaga magksundo haha I don’t want to rush things cause that’s not me but we’re taking it one step at a time! Thank u po for your advice!! Nakatulong po talaga hehe


  4. Aww i’m super proud of you for taking the time to really bond with your son! On top of everything else that you do! Superwomom!!! Not just wanderwomom! ✅💖


  5. I super agree about disconnecting and for me it’s reconnecting to friends and family. kaya kahit nasa pandemic, I spend more time with them. We’ll never know din kase diba yung buhay at panahon. Mahirap na magsisi pagka dumating na yung panahon na pati oras di ka na mapagbigyan na bigyan pa ng more time w/ our love ones. This is such a beautiful reminder for people in general.


  6. I am guilty too. For weekdays I am busy with my work. Madalas naka tutok sa laptop and hawak ang cellphone kasi i am on a work from home set-up. Pero this is also a good time kasi nagkaka chance ako to bond with my daughter thru cooking and other homeschool activities.


  7. I can relate to being connected and making time for our family, and while I’m not a mother, I can recall a time during my childhood when either my mom or dad would be super busy at work. I was an only child then and I didn’t understand they were also doing their best to juggle work and home life. 🙂 Right now though, I totally get it.


  8. I can relate to this actually. When I was a kid, my parents were never home because they were always out working. Now, that I’m grown up I kind of understood why they have to do that. Life can get crazy busy and you’re just tired at the end of the day. But, I do agree with you. You have to make some quality time with your kid while he’s young. It will be a close and warm relationship between the two of you even when he’s already all grown up. 💕


  9. There’s a bit of pinch in my heart when I read this Ms Margaux. Growing up I never have my mom with me along the journey as I came to my mature senses because she’s working overseas until now. But she always tries to make sure that we’re connected, and we got to still catch each other’s interest despite the distance. Very nice post, it’s superb when you speak truly from the heart. ❤


  10. One of the upsides of this community quarantine is families coming together and sharing a lot of moments. I’m sure your son is grateful and will cherish the memories you made for a long time 🙂


  11. I don’t have a child yet but I ,ade/make time to reconnect with my parents and siblings – btw, I’m very closed with my family but I moved out when I was 22 (as well as 3 of my siblings. only 1 sibling stayed with the parents). I know this is an awful excuse but we’ve all been busy building careers and attending to other commitments (and sibling with their own families). Before the pandemic, I only get to visit my parents on weekends and when we celebrate birthdays/holidays. My parents’ home is in Alabang while my flat is in Makati so medyo struggle ang travel (traffic traffic traffic). But once the lockdown was announced, all siblings decided to move back to the parents home since we’ve temporarily disconnected ourselves from work. Sobrang nakakamiss yung life kasama buong family and sadly kailangan pa mangyari ang Covid-19 bago ko marealize.


  12. Materials things and money can easily get and replaced, but not time. Once you lost it you can never bring it back.


  13. “I’ve always believe that when we are connected to our child…” Sometimes I get jealous with kids who have moms, because I never get to experience how to have one. She died when I was three.
    Stay being a good mother with him. It would be the best memory a child would ever have.


  14. Oh my I got teary-eyed reading the last bit of your post. My older son has just turned 18, there go the 18 summers with him. Next year he’ll be serving the army (here in Singapore he’s required to do that) and after that, he’ll be off to uni, so the next summers will be different for us. On his 18th birthday a few months ago, he said he’s had a wonderful childhood… And I thought about the things we did that made it wonderful and I recall playing Lego with him, lots of it (so yes keep playing with Coco even if it ruins your manicure), picking up ants, chasing grasshoppers, making a worm jar hahaha. Thanks for this post. I’m glad I came across your blog 🙂 — Amor


    1. Hello! I teared up when i read your comment. I cant even imagine when my 7 year old turns 18. but im happy to know that you son had a wonderful childhood.. im sure you did made it that way for him… i pray that Coco will tell that to me too when his time comes. Thank you for dropping by. Stay safe always.

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