Mommy Club New Year Get-Together

Here’s to a new year for us mommies whom I was with from pregnancy to giving birth to taking care of our little ones. Can’t wait for more bondings with them – 16 mommies out of 55 in our group — Roxanne, Glo, Teens, Giselle, KG, Joanne, Sigrid, Hazel, Kris, Gitz, Vina, Miah, Jhelz, Kai & Rose

So many to talk about, so little time, so little space and so many food. I don’t have a yaya so it was a bit hard for me to mingle and eat. Haha!

And here are the babies we so lovelovelove..

 photo nyeb124.jpg

The ever supportive daddies

and the group picture na walang perfect. never na perfect. at kailan kaya ito mapeperfect ever. hahahaha.

Thank you Dad’s SM Megamall for being our venue!

Cheers to us and to more get togethers.


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