How to Make an Animal Pocket Paper Plate | Skill Skout Session

For today’s Skill Skout Arts and Crafts session with Teacher Nica Cosio, we Make something that can be useful from excess paper plates that we have at home. Coco choose to make a bird. Let’s find out how he made it.

Prepare the materials needed:


1. Get the 2 paper plates. Cut one of the 2 plates in half.
2. Staple the half part to the whole paper plate.
3. Make the face of your chosen animal. Coco chose to make a bird.
4. Punch a hole on top of the plate and insert a string on it.
5. Now your animal pocket paper plate is done. You can now hang it!

Hope you had fun! Don’t forget to share your animal pocket paper plate with me!

Watch it here:


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