Potato Stamps Project

Make your child busy today by doing this very easy and fun project that we just did – Potato Stamping!

Things you need:
Potatoes, Paint, Paint Brush, Knife, Pen, Paper
PS: This is for those who don’t have cookie cutters. I suggest if you have cookie cutters, you can just use it.

Cut your potato in half. Dab the wet potato with paper towel. Draw your outline. Carve it with your knife (adult supervision please) and cut the excess parts of the potato. Start painting it. (Watch the video!)

Stamp it in your paper, you can also make a greeting card with it. Here’s what we did.

Coco showing off his rainbow stamp. Can it be preserved? Some has asked me in my Instagram post. I actually did not. BUT yes, you can re-use it for a couple of days. Just wipe the excess paint, wrapped in a bag inside the fridge.



  1. Super love this. Naaalala ko ung gradeschool ako. Meron din okra and calamansi. Indeed, we need not buy expensive art materials to learn and enjoy. Dami available sa kusina at sa paligid.


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