Banoffee No Bake Cake

Craving for something sweet and thinking of something to do for bonding with Coco, so I ended up with finally making this childhood favorite of mine, inspired by my Tita Jo-ann’s Banana Mocha that she usually make when we have our summer vacation in Lipa.

Here’s my own version of Banoffee No Bake Cake

1 can of Nestle Cream
1 tsp Vanilla flavoring
1 tsp Coffee
3 tbsp sugar (or depends on your taste)
Ripe banana
Pack of Nissin Wafer


Mix all ingredients (Nestle Cream, Vanilla flavoring, coffee and sugar) in a bowl. Using a mixer is better, but if you have non, just mix it until even.

Layer the wafer in your pan, add sliced bananas. Pour mixture to the layer. Make another later of water and bananas and pour mixture again.

For the top most, layer the wafer, pour the mixture and decorate with banana. Chill overnight.



  1. Namimiss ko na kumain ng wafer, madalas ako bumili niyan pero ngayon di pa ko nakakabili ulit. Pag nakabili kami i-try namin yang Banoffee No Bake Cake recipe mo. 😋


  2. Yay! Eto na pala yung recipe, I saw your post sa IG and gusto ko itry. Mukhang mag-eenjoy din si bagets dito kasi wafer and banana, will let him join sa paggawa. 🙂 Thank you.


  3. Yay! Eto na pala yung recipe. Saw this in your IG and I want to try it. Will let Caleb join pag ginawa kasi wafer and banana pala ito, mag-eenjoy din siya. Thank you.


  4. Wow! I love this! And nice family bonding, too! Coco is so cute talaga 😁❤️ sakto! nauubusan na ko ng merienda ideas. I always experiment kasi every weekend. I’m so excited to do this!


  5. wow, this look deli and easy to make, since I love sweets, may I mind copying your recipe so I can try 🙂 thanks ahead


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