DIY your Own Cookies from SugarMonstersPH

Since we couldn’t go out, we have no summer vacations, attend events with our friends and even attend summer workshops, I had to do something to make this summer during the #LifeInTimeOfCorona more fun and productive. I thought of activities that Coco would unleash his creativity and enjoy and of course,  I am all for learning through play activities.

My Cocookie Monster here has been craving for cookies that his momma couldn’t make, so I tried to search Insta and found Sugar Monsters PH, whom has DIY sugar cookie kits.

Here are some snaps of Le Cocookie Monster while designing his cookies, which I couldn’t take a picture of because he would always take a bite after he finish designing one. I also enjoyed designing my cookies and munching on it as well. Coco’s tummy was so happy as much as he enjoyed doing this activity!

Here’s the the set that you can choose from:

Just send a message to Sugar Monsters PH’s Instagram Account for inquiries and next available pick up days.

Send them your orders now and have as much fun as Cocookie Monster had!




  1. Thank you for sharing this. This is a great way to ease boredam of childrens particularly this quarantine. This can be a source of business as well. Will follow your instructions on your post.


  2. This is a fun and creative activity for kids, especially during pandemic. Something that will enhance their creativity and keeping them at home safe. I’m gonna try this with my daughter on my next day off..


  3. This is a great product from Sugar Monsters PH, seems like coco really enjoyed making his DIY cookies that he couldn’t resist to eat it agad. (Hindi napicturean kaagad kasi kinagat na nya) HAHA.


  4. Nakita ni Caleb gusto din daw niya. I want one for myself too, mage-enjoy kami dito pareho. hahaha


  5. OMG!! I would totally enjoy them, even now that I’m an adult already. Used to bake our own cookies din, bit honestly piping royal icing is art and you have got some skills talaga. Just need some practice tho.


  6. This is such a smart idea! And i’m sure it would be a hit sa mga moms who are looking for ways to entertain their kids at home! 🥳 Coco looks so happy! Yay!


  7. This is highly recommended to give the kids a break from the internet and exercise their creativity since pandemic hits most of us hard to just stay at home and became less productive daily. Plus this is just on an average price. I will check this out later today.


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