McDonald’s Happy Meal is Back with Happy Meal Readers Books and Trolls World Tour Toys

Last February, McDonald’s launched their Happy Meal Readers Program were in Happy Meals Fans aka the kids can choose whether they will add a toy or a book to their Happy Meal.

TOP: Book 1 and 2 | BOTTOM: Book 3 and 4

If you remember it, the Books 1 and 2 of the Twintop Trees Adventures series, made especially for McDonald’s Happy Meal Readers by Cressida Cowell was made available during that time. But because of the hiatus on our economy since the Corona Virus pandemic started, McDonald’s put on hold some of their menu including orders of Happy Meals. But now, it is back with the series, Books 3 and 4.

But of course, the toys are also back, 10 toys coming from the Dreamworks film, Trolls Worldtour are here for you to get to know and enjoy. Poppy, Branch and everyone else will definitely give you that feeling you can’t stooooooop!

Best news ever —- you can even buy an extra piece (or even the whole collection) for P35 each, when you buy a Happy Meal. That’s the whole collection down below, you get to meet the whole Trolls World Tour bunch ASAP!

Sooo get it now at McDonald’s by ordering via the McDelivery App! Yep, we can’t go out right?

Watch our unboxing of the toys here:


  1. Kids would rejoice with these iconic Mcdo stuffs they would be able to choose and enjoy. I recall during my elementary years back in the 90s where I was an avid collector of these toys – one of my favorite is the assembled rocket with 4 of the main Mcdonalds characters, and also the Hercules cartoon character line up! MIssing those days. They made a good move in promoting reading habits,


  2. The Mcdonalds happy meal here in Cali is different from what they offer there in the Philippines. I think the happy meals there have more kids stuff and toys to enjoy. I used to collect happy meals when I was a kid and I’m surprised that they still have it until now.


  3. I used to love McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, but now I love them more because they’re having books. Both the English (and therefore Reading) teacher me and the kid in me are so happy about this!


  4. I’ve always been a fan of Happy Meal ever since I was young! I love that thet incorporate books on their Happy Meal kasi it will entice more kids to read and learn. Sana mas mapadalas at mas dumami pa yung books na ioffer nila sa Happy Meal


  5. My son used to love also happy meals because of the toys included. The happiness of our kids when they get those toys! Coco here is so pro with the trolls unboxing, galing, galing ng baby ba!


  6. Omgosh trolls bring back so much childhood memories! I like playing with them – kunwari friends ng barbie ko hahah! Ang sarap maging bata nalang ulit 😍😅


  7. We have a troll collection back in the late 90’s, it looks creepy but it reminds everyone here how we started our Mcdonald’s toy collection.


  8. This is a very helpful and great initiative project of McDonald’s.
    Hey, collect those McDonald toys and wait for the next 20years coz it got good reselling value 🙂


  9. I really commend McDonalds for including books in their happy meal set. i hope this will instill a love for reading for in children.


  10. Nauso ang trolls nung high school ako (90s hehehe) and sobrang cute talaga nila naka-collect ako ng 10 dolls na malalaki. But yung toddler namin mahilig kse sa books kaya nung pinapili namin sya he preferred the book.


  11. Medj nainggit ako ah. Parang i want to get those toys for myself na din. Hahahaha. I love that McDonalda now has books included in their happy meals. What a brilliant idea!! The kids should reeeeeeeadd. Hahaha


  12. i’m planning to buy and collect all the characters, my lil girl will surely be happy with coz shes a fangirl of trolls


  13. Never pa ako nakabili ng Happy Meal with books! I’m excited for the Trolls HM, I remember nung bata pa ako I also collected those!


  14. Nakakamiss. Lumaki din ako puro toys ng mcdo. Pero gusto ko yung bago nila. They incorporate books. So educational plus helpful sa kids


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