McDonald’s Introduces the Happy Meal Readers Program


To make way for families having more fun bonding moments, McDonald’s has introduced the new campaign, Happy Meal Readers program. It means that in every Happy Meal, you have books and toys options to choose from.

A total of 12 books to collect this year, spanning a series of McDonald’s-exclusive Happy Meal Readers books written by world-renowned author Cressida Cowell. Happy Meal Readers Books #1 and #2 has been launched in McDonald’s last February.


Aside from encouraging our children to love books and enjoy reading, McDonald’s has a goal to make families closer through learning and playing. Basically, McDonald’s wants us parents to spend more time reading to our children!

Looking forward to every month’s new Happy Meal collection — as well as collecting the Treetop Twins Wilderness Adventures Series!

Watch our unboxing of our gift from our McDonald’s Family



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